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Preliminaries to improve sex: the best tips

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Can you imagine knowing several tips on foreplay to improve sex? Now you can. First, it is important to remember that foreplay makes all the difference. Not that the famous quickies are not very interesting at times, but nothing like being able to dedicate yourself to it, do it right, right, calmly.


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And, the beginning of a good foreplay is related to the kiss. Exactly. It is so simple, but it makes all the difference in the process. It is possible to show how interested you are in the other person. Like, "I'm kissing you like this because I want you so much." It can also be taken more for the romantic or for a loving side.

Anyway, it all depends on the intentions, but they make THE DIFFERENCE in the preliminaries. Various parts of the body can also be used in the midst of this. The neck, neck and ear, for example, are places that should be well explored. Feet and back ditto. Anyway, it is possible to explore the entire body and thus, enjoy the other person a lot.

foreplay to improve sex

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Take advantage, in the midst of it, to eat it with your eyes. That's right. Look as long as you want for her. With that look of will, intense. This will make it even clearer how much you want.

Some more foreplay to improve sex

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you certainly have a very boorish side. So now is the time to explore that. Show your partner everything you know and how things work. That you have attitude and also love the people you have. There, for sure things will happen even naturally. This is one of the preliminaries to improve sex that has no mistake.

Take the opportunity to say a lot of bullshit, to be very slutty. Thus, things will become even more intense. Everything with ease, without softness. Show what you are there for, for what purpose.

foreplay to improve sex 2

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Masturbation is also an ally in the sense of foreplay. It can excite the other person. You can masturbate or do that to her. If so, buy special items to make this moment even better, like oils, for example. In the midst of it all, let go of disgust and enjoy the moment. Or, forget it, it won't be pleasant. And tease. A lot, without stopping. Insinuate yourself, start and stop, in short, make the person stay literally at your feet, wanting more. Because, in XVideos , for example, there are several videos showing in practice.

This is also true for times when there is not much time. Provoking and leaving the person wanting more makes all the difference in the midst of it.

Fall on it. Whether in the pussy or the penis. Oral sex is all good and just does not like those who did not or did not receive a right. Enjoy. Because this is the time to show what you know.

Now, if one of the problems that gets in the way of the process is premature ejaculation , calm, this content will help you.


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