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Male adultery: is it possible to avoid it?

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Male adultery ends up bringing a scenario that is usually not the best possible. That's because, unless the woman or the man's partner agrees to this, it is really quite delicate.


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But, at this point, the focus will be on what to do or even think about whether this could be avoided, depending on the situation.

The first point to be understood is that the right time to think and resolve this is not always when the person cheats. Often, you need to take a break and then talk to the other person, who has committed adultery.

Unless you are sure that regardless of the reasons, betrayal for you is something that is unforgivable.

Except that listening to the other is fundamental. Knowing what he thinks, the reasons for that and so on. Especially because, at least like this, in the future you will not think that you did wrong or wrong, thinking that it is your fault or wanting to go after him to find out what is happening.

Several times, it is not anyone's fault. It just happened that the relationship fell into the routine and ended up bringing situations like this, in the sense that he ended up looking for someone else. Of course, this cannot be an excuse for adultery to happen. If things are not going well, it is much easier to talk and resolve. But, it does.

A basic issue surrounding the issue of adultery is that, at the beginning of the relationship, everything is beautiful. Then, some things are happening, such as fights, conflicts. Which are normal. Then, the person, tired, finds another one that only brings the good part.

And when does the person accept adultery?


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In this case, it's very personal, hers. If she can really forgive, that's fine. It is not fair to judge someone who forgives a betrayal just because you would not.

But for those who forgive, it is important to understand a situation. Forgiveness must occur completely. There is no point in forgiving and then staying all the time thinking that, in fact, this is not real and at all times, throwing in the face of the other person what they did.

That's why so many people end up forgiving, however, not at first, at first. First think about it, then come to conclusions about. And then, when you forgive, you truly forgive.

The problem with forgiving is found in only one situation, that the other person does not stop betraying after being forgiven once. She thinks things like: if she / he accepted it once, she will accept it again.


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One of the ways to find out that they are not so interested in you anymore, involves the moments that they no longer seek you in the sexual sense. One reason for this may be that he is cheating on you. In other cases, he would cheat anyway, because he is in his instinct. He's a womanizer and that's it. You have nothing to do with it, you just got the wrong guy.

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