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How to increase pleasure in bed

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Increasing pleasure in bed is the desire of many people, especially those who have been in a relationship for a long time and have reached the stage where the desire to have sex ends up giving that chill. Getting out of the routine is the first step to get back to that sexual desire of before and improve the couple's life.

increase pleasure

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A fundamental point is not to be ashamed when having sex. Exploring your desires and knowing what your body likes is important to increase the level of pleasure. Talk to the partner without fear, reveal what you like and find out what the other person likes too.

Tips to increase pleasure

No one is so inexperienced that they cannot learn, so following a few tips can help with sex.

Value dialogue

increase pleasure

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Dialogue is fundamental in a relationship. Maintaining a relationship solely for sexual attraction ends up generating some wear and tear after a while. The ideal is to maintain complicity and talk about what you like and don't like in bed, in addition to trying to exalt what the other person does well.

Talking to the partner is an excellent way to spice up the relationship, as they are comfortable, they can seek together new modalities of sex and everything that makes sex much more enjoyable.

Warm the weather

increase pleasure

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After a certain time, the routine makes us relax a little and not keep the same bite as before, making sex warm and mechanical, however, innovating is always nice and even if it can't always be done, the couple you can take a day to surprise your loved one, either taking them to a cozy motel or creating a romantic evening with a special dinner or clothes and accessories that arouse libido.

Explore other forms of pleasure

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Many people's mistake is to focus much more on penetration than on other things. Penetration is important for most, however, it is not everything. Exchanging caresses and taking care of the foreplay is very good, as it makes the partner reach orgasm easier, in addition to increasing intimacy between the couple.

Don't be in a hurry to make her come

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The goal is to enjoy intercourse and provide a tasty orgasm for the partner, however, this should not be done in a hurry and much less be the only focus during intercourse. The focus should be on how to increase the couple's pleasure.

Improve your self-esteem

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Having low self-esteem can affect anyone's sexual performance, so there is nothing better than giving special attention to this issue. Take a day to look after yourself, get dressed, buy new clothes and do some exercise. This type of attitude helps to release the hormones responsible for the feeling of well being.

Use lubricants and gels

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Sometimes, some factors cause the woman to have a low lubrication and they are stress, pill use and even menopause. Even though some women are very aroused, they cannot get enough lubricated, so the use of these products helps a lot to improve sexual intercourse.

Know your body

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To feel pleasure you must know your body and all the places where you like to be touched. Some sexologists claim that women who are in the habit of masturbating are those who reach orgasm more easily than those who do not practice. So, nothing more pleasant than allowing yourself to feel all the sensations that your body can provide you.

Increasing pleasure can be something simpler than many realize. Sometimes a break in the routine can be enough to make anyone horny, so follow our tips and try to enjoy every moment.


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