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How to have sex with a virgin woman?

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Having sex with a virgin woman is the dream of many men. Although this issue has lost some importance today, many guys feel privileged to show off to friends that they are the first in a woman's life.

The loss of virginity can be more complicated for them than for men. The biggest disorders that happen at time H are nervousness and the fear of not giving pleasure to the partner, however, for them the first sexual intercourse may be accompanied by pain or discomfort.

There are few reports of women who had a satisfactory first time, so it is important to know what to do to make the experience the best possible.

Tips for shagging a virgin woman

Virgin woman

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Knowing that the first time can be a much less satisfying experience than in male fantasies, having sex with a virgin may not be so advantageous. However, if you want to experience something like this, know that you need to have enough patience to make your partner feel as comfortable as possible.

In this way, we have selected some important tips for you to not do ugly at the time of sex, after all, for a virgin woman , everything will be taken into consideration during the first time.

1. Choose the place well

Virgin woman

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The first time makes anyone nervous, so it is best to choose the right place to carry out this experience. A very noisy place or with the family at home, can make everything become discouraging. In order not to go through any boring situation, it is better to choose a nice place, after all, the visual stimulus makes sex much more exciting.

2. Take it easy

Virgin woman

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Many women complain that men are in a hurry to move on quickly, forgetting how they need extra time to warm up. Therefore, you must be careful in the preliminaries . Use and abuse oral sex and caresses on your partner, this will greatly facilitate sexual intercourse.

3. Focus on the pleasure points

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In our body we have several points that provide a lot of pleasure. The known erogenous zones, when properly stimulated, make anyone go crazy. With women it is important to explore these places. During the preliminaries, start paying attention to her reactions, breathing, moaning and body movements. This will help a lot during sex.

4. Use a condom

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If it's the girl's first time, she probably doesn't use any contraceptive method, so don't forget the condom. In addition to preventing disease, they are less likely to have an unwanted pregnancy .

5. Calm on penetration

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Many guys, especially the more experienced ones, want to show a performance worthy of porn at the time of sex, however, during the first time with a virgin woman it is better to be nice and be gentle during penetration. Kissing her and caressing her body during sex will make her much more relaxed to receive the penis.

If you want to positively mark your partner the first time, it is worth following these tips above. This is an important moment in their lives, so it is important that it is incredible, it will make her want to repeat the dose and it will raise anyone's self-esteem.


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  1. l. • November 8, 2020

    Thank you. ? How can I start sesion?

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