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Women enjoying: what do they have to say about it?

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When it comes to women enjoying, despite the fact that many people, specialists, doctors, have an opinion on this, they do not reach any general conclusion, which is valid for all women. That's because they are different from each other.

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Even women understand orgasm in different ways. Some feel fulfilled enjoying a lot. Others enjoy less, but for them, this is enough and so on.

Especially those who had many relationships in their lives who did not enjoy much and suddenly became part of the list of women enjoying in abundance.

But, one thing is certain: some do not enjoy and for them everything is right . They have no problem with that. That is why the individuality of each woman needs to be taken into account. Especially if she decides to investigate this further, see a doctor. Isn't she satisfied that when she has sex she doesn't feel everything she believes she can or because someone told her she needs to come? Now it's time to hear what some women have to say on the topic after research.

What are the conclusions of women enjoying? How do they feel?

One of them stated that, when she realized, her partner was already touching her and it happened that she ended up coming. It was not something he thought, wanted, predicted. It just happened. The most interesting thing is that she also commented that he was her first partner, so she was really surprised.

women enjoying

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Another interviewee commented that with her first vibrator she discovered that she could be one of the women enjoying. Even when he put it on, he even believed he was urinating and not coming, since it had never happened to him. She even mentions that, after that experience, she only managed to come with two other men and that frustrates her. But she understands that it is not her fault but the way sex happens.

Another interview went so far as to state that she only managed to come while her partner gave her a sensual massage . It was there that she was sure that this feeling needs to be felt by all women.

And, if the interest is to know how to make the man come in a few steps , be sure to read this content.


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