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Tips for the first time in sex between women

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The first time makes any woman nervous, especially when it comes to sex between women , which makes many feel a huge obligation to please their partner. All lesbians have been through this, however, other women end up discovering their orientation at an older age, often after they are married and have children to raise.

sex between women

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There is nothing wrong with a late discovery or fulfilling our sexual fantasies, however, for many first-timers, sex between women can be a big deal, however, we are here to clear up some doubts and give you precious tips that will make the first experience unforgettable.

The first sex between women

sex between women

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It is not common for us to know cases of girls who believed they were heterosexual or assumed this behavior for social reasons, which completely change the way they see homosexuality after having sex with another woman.

The reports of women who dated men and then dropped everything after trying a female body, is something that has been growing. Among those who tried it, it is almost unanimous to say that the sex is more affectionate, the kiss smoother and the orgasms more intense. However, this is not a rule, as there are many women who enjoy something wilder.

Some of the references for sex between women are porn movies . This type of content generates complaints from many of them. Recently a survey by Pornhub revealed that the female audience is part of a large portion of consumers of gay porn . The explanation is simple, they say that heterosexual and lesbian films are made to please the male taste, therefore, this type of adult film is not a good source of inspiration for the first time with another girl.

Tips for the first time

sex between women

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If you are one of those who have never had sex with a woman and die of curiosity, these tips are for you! Check out some and forget once and for all the fear of not knowing what to do when having sex with crush .

1. We are never ready

The first time is difficult for most people. There are rare cases of those who feel completely comfortable during the first relationship, so stay calm, it is a new world that you are about to discover and the other person will understand your situation.

2. Go as far as you feel comfortable

At any early stage in our lives, we want to do our best, and sex is no different. If you still don't feel comfortable taking the reins during sex, talk to your partner. You don't have to have oral sex or use sex toys to show that you like it. At first we may be frightened by something new and it is natural that we have certain fears.

3. Keep your nails cut

The fingers are the main work tool of a lesbian, after the tongue, so it is important to keep the hygiene of that place up to date. Our nails carry a lot of bacteria, in addition to being very large, they can disturb and even hurt the partner.

4. Stimulate the whole body

Don't just focus on oral sex, pay attention to your partner's entire body. Use and abuse your senses and find out where she feels the most pleasure.

5. Don't be afraid to assume it's your first time

It is common for lesbians to pick up curious or inexperienced women during sex and for most, this will not be a problem. That way, talking is always the best way before you start, as your partner will know how to make you feel more comfortable.

6. Imitate her actions

Since the woman will not know what you like in bed, she will probably try to do it to you the same way she likes it. Therefore, you should pay attention and copy her gestures in a good way.

7. Don't be insecure with your body

It is in the nature of many women to create a thousand comparisons when they see another naked. However, forget about this type of insecurity once and for all. The person who goes to bed with you is there because he wants you, so relax and enjoy the moment.

These were some tips for the first time in sex between women . With patience you will rock when it comes to giving pleasure to another girl. The important thing is to have the will and enjoy this incredible experience.


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