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Sex Workers: a different job!

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For those who still do not follow / know, sex workers have a job as dignified as any other. But, yes, they still suffer a lot of prejudice, just like everyone who today works with anything related to pornography.
In their case, they are paid to give pleasure to men through fetishes . Sometimes they are submissive, sometimes they are. Of course, those who like this idea.

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The problem with many sex workers, according to them, is that they end up having difficulties to advertise their work. Many claim that they even had profiles on Instagram, for example, but their accounts were excluded because of the style of content they brought: pornography . Society still ends up being a little conservative, even though many of those people who criticize it also consume pornography. Twitter is one of the only current networks in which there are freely shared pornographic content that works and is not deleted.

Several sex workers work in the business in a variety of ways. To get an idea, there are those who have fixed customers and only serve them in the month. Likewise, there are those who renew their customers every time. But in general, they all say that, yes, the pandemic has increased / expanded business. That's because, even those who were not connected to pornography, started to access it after being forced to spend more time at home.

And how has the communication between sex workers and the client happened?

By cell phone. Tools / applications vary. Many of them work by sending audio. And then, they charge for the audio time they make. Others choose to make appointments with customers and make a video call. There are also those who hire videos of sex workers, in which they do certain poses / actions and say their names, for example.

The idea is that really practices related to BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Submission and Masochism , are put into practice. And of course, what sex workers want is not always done, since they are hired to satisfy and not necessarily to have satisfaction.

In an interview with them, many claim that they even date and that boyfriends don't care that they work that way. Even because they have no physical contact with the client. In fact, one of them commented that her boyfriend not only accepts, but also supports and helps. He said that she has a client who likes the idea of ​​seeing the couple having sex, as long as she says his name and not her boyfriend. So, they record and end up joining the useful with the pleasant.

sex workers

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Another sex worker commented that, she is paid to see a picture of her client's cock and give an opinion on it. That's basically it, he orders, she analyzes and sends an audio commenting. Of course, as she knows that this is their pleasure, listening to her, she is careful about that, what she talks about. Even due to the fact that, little by little, customers are also known. The taste of each one, what they want to hear and so on.

What do they say about the profession?

Some comment that they are proud of what they do, since it is a profession like any other. However, there are also those who did not even tell their parents about it, for fear of what they would find and how they could be judged. So, what they think about, varies a lot.

Many comment that the things they hear, that is, what customers ask for, sometimes make them look like call girls and are not always comfortable with requests. However, they charge a higher amount and execute the order. One commented, for example, that they already asked for a video of her masturbating . In this case, the amount is well above what you usually charge. And, when the customer does not ask you to quote his name, the same material can be used for other shipments.

Most sex workers claim to work practically all day with this, since the values ​​are much lower than those who do programs, for example. So, the amount of work ends up being much greater, so that it becomes profitable.

Some even claim that they are able to be sexually satisfied with the profession, whereas before, they did not feel good about themselves and with the body.

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