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Female masturbation: what can you learn?

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If you think about it, female masturbation is not as common as male masturbation. But, this does not mean that it does not occur. It is just seen differently. Especially because it is not so common to talk about it, just as it is tradition among men to talk about what they do. Even when they don't speak, they know what happens during their longest trips to the bathroom.

But, what is behind this female masturbation, which makes it, many times, unknown? How pleasurable or not can it be for the woman? Does it even replace the sexual act in the sense of orgasm? In XVideos , this is very clear.

female masturbation

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The first point that cannot be neglected in any way is that, unlike men who usually reach their conclusion during sexual practices, women often do not. And, the reasons for this end up being quite varied. Sometimes, the man does not understand this feminine need. For others, women just can't get there.

So, it is necessary to understand that, in a case like the one mentioned above, of the man not being able to make her come, experiencing female masturbation can be an excellent option in the sense of trying results. Of course, things may not happen, but trying is always important.

Will female masturbation happen on the same frequency as male masturbation?

female pleasure

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Not always, almost never. That's because women's needs are different from men's. At certain ages or according to specific periods, men even masturbate every day, for example.

That way, female masturbation is unlikely to match that. It is also important to understand that, there are no rules. In fact, a woman can masturbate when she wants to, that is the truth.

Some even begin to touch each other without even realizing what is happening. There are also those who try their hardest to even think about this possibility, out of pure shame, finding the idea absurd. But the truth is that the more you do the practice, the better it will be done and, more than that, the more often you will be interested in it.

Many people claim never to have tried it and who knows, precisely this factor makes you not interested: not knowing how it is. Especially because, female masturbation, as well as male, are considered healthy practices. There is nothing wrong with that. There is, for example, no risk of becoming pregnant or getting a disease, unlike the act itself.

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