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Kama Sutra: the best positions

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Do you know the Kama Sutra : the best positions? If your answer was no, know that you will know the practice now. Especially in the sense of knowing that moment that everything seems lost with regard to sexual relations and that, can have salvation.

Kama Sutra: the best positions

Source: Gall / Reproduction

It is more than normal, the relationship ends up falling into the routine, for example. And, to spice things up, can and should be common practice with you. Therefore, it is ideal that you learn about this very innovative possibility, Kama Sutra: the best positions .

For those who do not know, the term day refers to a guide, in which all possible pleasure rituals are inserted. It is as if, the people who wanted to learn about sex, could have access to this tool and thus, have their doubts completely clarified. No need to ask anyone or search the internet, since the Kama Sutra already has all the information, including illustrated.

It is worth mentioning that the option was created a long time ago, it is not something new. But, what happens goes far beyond positions. It includes things like, actions and behaviors that are related to sex. So, nothing to think about the Kama Sutra : the best positions are out of this world. There are several easy and feasible possibilities.

Let it be clear, the couple needs to agree with everything. Among them, communication is fundamental. So, say what you like, make everything very clear. It changes everything. Likewise, comment on what you don't like.

What is most relevant about the Kama Sutra: the best positions?

To make the matter even clearer, some positions present in the Kama Sutra were separated so that one could talk about.

One is the white tiger. It is when the woman is on all fours and the man, then makes the penetration. Why this name? Precisely because an animal environment is created, in which the woman feels dominated due to her position.

Kama Sutra: the best positions

Source: Pinterest / Reproduction

Tiger and dragon is one more well-known. In it, the woman remains with her legs closed and this makes the channel of her vagina narrower. Thus, their pleasure ends up being much greater.

While the ascendant is as it were then, a variation between the famous dad and mom. It is when the woman raises her legs so that they are on the man's shoulders. They are very comfortable and, in addition, the vision they have is very positive in the sense of pleasure.

As for the lock, things are a little different. The idea is to use a piece of furniture and that the woman stays on its edge and thus, interlace your legs in your partner, who makes the penetration. The idea is that they look at each other and even kiss, because they are close.

Kama Sutra: the best positions

Source: Pinterest / Reproduction

Yes, these are just a few of the many possibilities. Much of each person's taste and how much, people are willing to do this. Do not forget that, there are still possibilities to know about these issues through videos, as with PornHub. And, if your interest is to know more about the clitoris and thus stimulate this very important organ, you can now.

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