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What is Greek kiss?

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Do you know what Greek kiss is? And how crazy some people are for him, have you thought? It should, since the subject is a fetish for many people.

Greek kiss

Source: Pinterest / Reproduction

That's because, it is one of the ways that most promises to give pleasure when it comes to sex.

And that is because, as everyone already knows, the human body is full of erogenous zones that make anyone crazy. And, one of the ways to really go crazy is with the Greek kiss.

Because, imagine, if the traditional kiss already has a million possibilities, imagine this one that is quite different. It makes anything warm. But, after all, what Greek kiss? It is the act of kissing or even licking, the partner's anus. For this reason, it ends up causing it to completely leave the routine.

For those who are more connected in matters of history, it arose in ancient Greece. There, the men practiced it during their meetings, which still had a great amount of orgy. What happened was the following: the anal region has no natural lubrication, therefore, men licked it in order to facilitate penetration. However, in addition to this reason, yes, it was also a way to stay and make the other excited, in addition to showing affection.

Then, the Greek kiss started to be used by men and women, breaking taboos previously put on the theme.

What is Greek kiss and how to put it into practice

In fact, one of the things people ask the most is whether or not there is a specific preparation for this Greek kiss. And it must be normal, with the hygiene that would already happen, if anal sex was done. But, yes, it is not known when the partner will surprise you with the Greek kiss, so it is good to keep everything up to date and not take any risks.

Source: PornGals4 / Reproduction

If you are a couple and have intimacy, it becomes much easier to be careful about it. One of you can kind of make it clear to the other the intention you have and so, both of you will be prepared. Intimacy is also positive in the sense of imagining whether the other person is going to like Greek kiss or not. Many people may end up not really enjoying the idea. So, no pressure.

And, if it is really put into practice, go for it. Do it in a way that the other person will never forget. Preferably, if you can, while giving the Greek kiss, caress the other person, without forgetting the main part: the penis or the vagina. This will give her even more pleasure. As for the positions, with the partner face down or on all fours, the chances of everything happening in the best way are greater. But be careful, like other kisses, this one can also bring bacteria. So hygiene is essential. Even more that we are talking about the region of the anus and not a clean place.

And, if your idea is now, learn how to masturbate , you are in the right place.


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