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Erotic games for computer and mobile: Best Games

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Erotic games for computers and cell phones are great alternatives for those who want to escape the traditional adult films. Warm and with attractive dynamics, they bring a new way of consuming content +18, the so-called sex games for mobile phones .

And because it is a segment that grows more and more, you can find a series of games with various themes and for all tastes. And best of all, free of charge.

erotic games for computer and mobile

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Check below the list we made with the best erotic games for computer and mobile:

3DXChat - Adult Games

3DXChat - Adult Games is a game for those who like to play with other users. It is an ultra realistic sex simulator that will make your nights more enjoyable.

erotic games for computer and mobile

source: mundosimsofficial reproduction

You can assemble your character with the characteristics you want and then interact with others. And the community of this electronic game is huge.

One of the great differentials of 3DXChat - Adult Games is the high definition graphics that make everything more real. Chat, have a lot of virtual sex and even date if you want.

Erotic games for computer and mobile - LifeSelector

LifeSelector is an interactive porn game. That is, you can control how everything will unfold according to your desire.

erotic games for computer and mobile

source: reproduction lifesector

In fact, the platform is a website where you can choose the way the adult film happens. You control everything from the angles to what will happen, all through a simple to use system.

The site works with microtransactions. That is, you do not need to pay a monthly fee to have the experience, just buy the scenes, options and angles you want. And the best thing is that afterwards you can download your creation to see as many times as you want.


SmutStone is another erotic computer and mobile game that you need to know. He uses card dynamics to take you to a new fantasy world with beautiful girls to satisfy you.

source: nutaku reproduction

It mixes fantasy and rpg, without forgetting the sex part. All of this in a plot that has magic and defenseless women. And do not worry, if you do not know much about this type of game, because during the game you have a tutorial that shows the entire step by step on how to play the best way.

This game is available for Android devices.

Erotic games for computer and mobile - 3D SexVilla 2

erotic games for computer and mobile 3D SexVilla 2

source: xvideos reproduction

3D SexVilla 2 is yet another ultra-realistic game for those who want the maximum immersive experience. With lots of action and several modes, you can create the character with the characteristics you want.

It is a pc game, but installation is quick and hassle free. And just like in other games you can enrich your interaction experience through SexCoins, virtual in-game currencies that you can use to purchase a range of additional items and resources.

But if you just want to play with the free features, there’s no problem!


FapTitans is considered the LOL for sex lovers. You will see everything from penetration scenes to cowgirl sex.


source: reproduction FapTitans

All this with detailed drawings in the best Hentai style. The game also works with a system of achievements where you need to collect fragments of memory to open new levels, resources and extra content.

And don't worry if you don't understand the dynamics because throughout the game you will be guided through the entire step by step by a beautiful girl. In addition, the game is packed with events just like other RPG games.

It's worth checking out, just have a little patience for the first part of the tutorial.

Erotic games for computer and mobile - Kamihime

source: pornhub reproduction

Kamihime is one of the games produced by Nutaku, a reference producer in erotic games for computer and mobile in the Hentai style. The company is considered one of the best and biggest in the porn games industry, precisely because it is an expert in bringing super hot interactions.

Although it is only available in English, it is not necessary to be fluent in the English language to follow the plot. The game is in RPG style, that is, you can choose between several actions and this will determine the course of the story.

In addition, the game also has a battle system where you can conquer new kingdoms, and, consequently, more girls! It is the perfect union of traditional RPG games with a lot of action and porn content.

Crush Crush

This is another erotic game for computer and mobile that you can play directly in your browser. That is, you do not need to download any program or application to enjoy the erotic adventure.

Crush Crush

source: xvideos reproduction

Also developed by Nutaku, the game is based on the system of winning more and more girls. And for that, you need to stand out in your virtual life. Get better jobs, get promotions, be a gentleman and show your power in bed, so you can impress and win more and more girls in the game.

The cool thing is that the game is what we call passive. That is, you can play, stop and return when you want it to always be in the same place waiting for your advance. And like other games, it is based on conquering levels and microtransactions so that you can purchase more items and unlock new features.

Erotic games for computer and mobile - PocketWaifu

And to finish our list, another production from Nutaku. The PocketWaifu game is made in 2D and has super simple dynamics.

You need to choose actions that will impress each of the girls you conquer, until you get them to bed. The cool thing is that the game, despite being in the style of traditional Hentai, does not have the censorship scheme that many games have.

erotic games for computer and mobile

source: reproduction pornhub

You will be able to see several scenes of hot and explicit sex as you level up. All this through your browser, without having to download anything on your PC or mobile phone.

Did you like our list of erotic games for computer and mobile ? So be sure to check out other blog posts to see more sites and platforms to enjoy the best of the porn industry.


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