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Most popular erotic products from Brazil

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Do you know which are the most popular erotic products in Brazil? It is not always an easy question to be answered, since the demand for them is usually quite high. But, know that, you will discover now what they are.

Source: DHDate / Reproduction

It is important to understand that today, with online stores, the porn market has expanded considerably. To give you an idea, according to a survey, more than 90% of businesses that sell erotic products use the internet as a means of sale.

One of the reasons for this is the secrecy achieved. Both for those who buy and for those who sell.

This is because, some people do not like the idea of ​​going to a store in their city, for example, to purchase an erotic product.

Even stores that have their physical version, also have e-commerce to serve more regions. And, for that reason, yes, it can be said that the internet has helped the market to grow a lot, thus making even the most sought-after erotic products in Brazil so sought after due to the success they make virtually.


One of the products on this bestseller list is the famous bath oil balls. They have a layer of gelatin, which ends up giving off a pleasant aroma. Some of them cool, others heat up. Today, there are already those who do both. Therefore, the customer is free to choose the option that pleases him.

Another well-sold product is the exciting female for the G-spot. It is a kind of gel that stimulates the vaginal muscles. This makes lubrication count on a lot of help.

Other well-sold options of Brazil's most popular erotic products

best selling erotic products in Brazil

Source: Aliexpress / Reproduction

And the aphrodisiac powder for drinks? Have you heard? It should, since it is among the most sought after erotic products in Brazil. It is like an energy drink and can be mixed in drinks. His promise is most intense when it comes to sexual intercourse.

Men also buy a lot of oriental ointment made for them. It is a kind of cream, which helps to delay ejaculation. It also excites and makes the relationship warm up. However, in this case, a certain care is needed in order to test the product beforehand to confirm that there is no reaction to it.

Because the anal sex gel is also one of the most sought after erotic products in Brazil. It causes the sensitivity of the region to increase and the discomfort to decrease. Thus, there is also a gel for oral sex, which is also widely sold.

And bullet-shaped vibrators are also on the bestseller list. Thus, they have a bullet shape and most of them have a remote control, allowing changes in the intensity of vibrations.

Finally, we have the penile prosthesis, especially the long-selling one of twenty centimeters. But, there are several variations, which, in addition to size, can be of color, shape, texture and thickness.

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