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Making a woman come: do you know how?

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Many people wonder how to make a woman come for real. And many answers can come up about it. But, the most important thing is to know that, each woman is unique and that makes them feel different things.

Yes, some things are general for all, as is the case with the famous G-spot . However, the way men act in relation to them, what they actually do or do not do, completely changes the question of making a woman come.

Even with regard to this, a question must be made very clear: man needs to understand that, just as enjoyment is a necessity for him, it is also for her. So, nothing about playing the male who just cares about his own navel and letting her down. This will only make your sexual intercourse unpleasant. Neither side can be sure.

From the moment that this is understood, that she wants and needs to have the pleasure of coming, everything changes. Not that you're going to stop and question her all the time about it, like, “Are you done? Because I want to come! ”. No. However, some arrangements between you can be made.

Like, for example, that she will give you a signal or say that she has already done her job, so that then, this concern no longer exists on your part. This generates even more lust. To know that she is wet because you left her like this.

Now, if she tells you that she can't come, things change a little bit. And the reasons for this can be numerous, including those related to psychological aspects.

When this happens, what should be done?

There is no secret, like: do this. As said, making a woman come can be challenging when she claims she almost never gets it. And, if she doesn't have that as an idea, even if she likes to have sex, not enjoying it makes sex, for her, stop being all that.

It's like she does this to you: you are having sex, and when you're about to orgasm, she stops. It has certainly happened a few times and the feeling that something was missing was very clear. It's the same with her, when she doesn't come.

The best thing is for her to look for a way to get help. No matter how difficult it may seem, in the sense of telling someone, that admitting can't get there, it needs to happen. And the sooner this is established, the easier it will be to remedy the problem.

However, one more point is relevant: if she said she was never able to come, don't blame yourself, it has nothing to do with you or how much she likes to have sex with you. It is her question, simple as that. Yes, not so simple, but that, at least, cannot be considered your fault. Of course, you can help her and always encourage her. Especially in the sense of wanting her to find out the reasons that make her unable to come and the solution to that.

Making a woman come: how to make the issue concrete!

In two studies carried out in 2013, one of the reasons that were cited as problems with regard to making a woman enjoy, even mentioned by them, was that they often missed sexual desire.

That is, they did not necessarily perform the act out of want and more as if it were an obligation. So, what happened was that they automatically ended up failing to reach orgasm.

Again, if this is the case for your partner, it is time to talk about it. Having sex just because you need or want to satisfy your partner is not something that should be accepted in the 21st century, where sex is no longer a taboo.

If she doesn't want to have sex, she should talk and be done. Including, say the reason, for the man to help in the changes in the relationships they had and thus make a woman enjoy and give pleasure to her, his wife.

Is sex being seen by her as an obligation because you have done it so often? Too hard? Does it hurt? Did she have a relationship in the past that left her traumatized? These questions should be asked by you in order to help you not to suffer from it anymore, but to let things happen, happen.

But now, let's get right to the point: make a woman come!

Amidst this whole context, there are ways to make a woman come, even if she believes she can't. And the first point is to know her body. It changes everything. You begin to understand about your G-spot and all of your weaknesses.

Therefore, never, ever, underestimate the preliminaries. It is there that you will be able to explore her body more and thus, things will happen more naturally. And at the time of foreplay, that's when you can find out everything you need to drive her crazy. She kissed the neck and it seems that nothing happened, but in the ear, did she shiver all over? Now you know that it will help to bring you to orgasm.

Oral sex well done in women, completely changes all chances of making a woman come. And how they enjoy it. Maybe not at first, because you need to find out more about her weaknesses, what she feels, but with practice and a little patience, the result will surely be incredible. Use your mouth, your tongue, your finger, whatever you can. And be aware of how it reacts according to the action you are taking.

It can make you discover a lot about it. Even in the sense of what does it well and what doesn't. What gives you real pleasure and what bothers you and should not be repeated in any way. Finally, never underestimate the power of talking while having sex. It drives them crazy. Even more if some stories are told in the middle of sex.


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