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Sex in the dentist's chair: Fetish

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We need to talk about sex in the dentist's chair , a very unusual subject, however, it is more practiced and desired than you think. We all have fetishes , some are more common, while others are extremely unusual. In some articles we have already talked about people who have desires for bodily changes, people who like sex with dwarves, among others. If you want to see them see the article: 10 types of fetishes not common .

chair sex

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Meanwhile, other people are sexually attracted to health professionals, more specifically dentists. If you are one of those people who have had this kind of experience, you know very well how exciting and risky it can be. Talking to some people about the topic, we heard from a reader who had an experience like this, how exciting it can be and at the same time give a damn headache.

chair sex

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According to her, which we will call Paula G., she had a romance with her dentist, which started with normal appointments and soon moved on to a more naughty thing, with her making appointments just to have sex with the guy. Gradually this became an addiction, but it ended badly because the professional was married.

Are you horny for your dentist?

Surely you must have already consulted with some super hot dentist, but if you went further and were lucky to draw one of these hot girls, congratulations! If you never did, no problem, we will give you some tips for you to live this moment, showing the most delicious positions to have sex in the dentist's chair. The tip applies to that motel chair, which many people have no idea how many different shapes you can use.

Valuable tips:

1. Always have an emergency kit after sex, with a comb, wet wipes and anything that can help you get out of the office without raising suspicion.

2. Movements of the chair lever should be done with caution for people with a spinal problem, otherwise, what should be a mind-blowing fuck ends up being a nuisance.

3. Be very careful with the hygiene of the place.

Chair sex positions

1. Riding

chair sex

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It's a delicious classic position and you can do it well. With the man sitting it is only the partner, or dentist, to sit down and fulfill all your fantasies.

2. From the back

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This is another delicious position to have sex in the chair. While the man is super relaxed in the comfort of the object, the woman sits with her back to him sitting nice and providing a delicious view of your butt. It's pure fetish!

3. Rest

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With the cat resting a little while supporting the front part of the body on the back of the chair, the man comes from behind and so, she takes it all upside down to make the most delicious slutty.

4. Anal

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With the hot girl lying on her back, the guy stands in the chair and thus, manages to have a delicious anal sex.

5. Dad and Mom

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The classic position can also be done on a chair. With the back of the accent fully flat, the woman lies on her back while the guy puts his legs on the sides and takes advantage.

  • These were some delicious positions to have sex in the dentist's chair, however, the tip goes for other types of furniture, what counts is to use your imagination and feel great pleasure!


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