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Adult apps to spice up sex life

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Adult applications are already a reality in the world of technology. We tend to consume all kinds of media on our cell phones, from cell phone apps, news, and even games, something very common, but many people are unaware that there are some apps that target sexual content, and some of them can be very useful for you.

Adult apps

The best adult apps

1. Sex game for couples

This is the name of the app, which can be found in the Play Store, and has some spicy challenges for the couple to play together and put into practice. It is like a game of truth, however, full of sexual ideas, such as challenges involving kisses, foreplay and erotic massages.

Sex Games for Couples - Erotic challenges

Sex Game For Couples

2. Vibrator application

Although it has a rough name, this app works as a massager, with several levels of intensity and different forms of vibration, which can be very interesting for those women who are wanting to enjoy a solitary pleasure, or even play with their partner.

Massager Vibrator

Vibrator Apk

3. Heavy Truth or Dare

This is the perfect app to play during that party with friends. It works like a game of common truth, however, the questions are always spicy, and the challenges are not even mentioned, it involves a lot of slutty and can be cool to warm the mood.

Adult apps: Truth or heavy challenge

Truth or Dare

4. Adult app: Anonymous Chat

As it says in the presentation of the application, sometimes we have difficulty expressing our thoughts for fear of being judged, and for some, exposing yourself to a stranger in another type of application, can be quite difficult, so Anti Corporation created a chat on which people can talk about everything, since it is separated by interests. It is ideal to have that spicy conversation with someone, that you would not normally have.

Adult apps: anonymous chat flirting

Anonymous Chat

5. Pornhub: One of the best adult apps

The biggest porn site on the internet, has an application that will improve your experience when it comes to seeing that tasty erotic movie. Pornhub provides the download, which in addition to facilitating the organization of erotic videos, also has a tab with videos in VR

Adult apps - Pornub

source: reproduction / pornhub

Pornhub Apk

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