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Fetishes you may never have seen

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Have you ever imagined having access to fetishes that you may never have seen? Of those who will surprise you positively or not, but that will surely make you jaw-dropping on the floor, so exotic?

different fetishes

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Now you can access them and discover exactly what is so different each one brings. Remembering that, it may be that many of them do not like you at all and everything is fine.

Fetishes are like that. Each person who has them does not question the others about it. It is personal and there is no reason to act strangely with someone just because they have that fetish.

But, enough talk and let's meet them.

The first is called agrexofilia . It is quite common, however, many people do not call it that. It is when the excitement occurs due to knowing that other people are accompanying the sexual practice in some way: they can be by shouting, moaning, slapping, whatever. There are people who even enjoy the idea of ​​having sex in public places for that very reason. Others even call others and leave the phone on speakerphone while having sex.

BBW , Big Beautiful Woman is also among the fetishes that you may never have seen. It concerns men who are sexually attracted to women who are beautiful and fuller. Their idea is that, as they are bigger, the sex is more complete and frantic.

Cisvetism is third in the different fetishes. That's when clothes, like uniforms or police uniforms, as well as babysitters, waitresses and uniforms in general draw attention. In this case, the fetish is quite common, but the specifics regarding it are not.

Few more fetishes you may have never seen

When the person is excited by, for example, trees, plants and even vegetables, the name given to this fetish is dendrophilia . Weird? It may seem, however, it is quite common. There are those who idolize a cucumber, for example.

There is the Dry Hump , which looks more like a bicycle maneuver. It concerns that part that occurs in the car, or in other places, when people get excited, but the clothes are not even taken off or anything. It is the rubbing.

Fetishes you may never have seen

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The sixth of the fetishes that you may never have seen can be called in two ways: either exhibitionism or échangisme . That's when the idea is for people to be in sexy clothes and thus appear in places that most people see them, like busy places.

Imagine, for example, she wearing a skirt and a garter belt and when she sits down, she crosses her legs to show this. In this case, the woman provokes and takes pleasure in it.

While eretographomania is when there is pleasure and excitement in receiving love and erotic letters, with plenty of built-in pornography.

Now this next one, called FFM , is one of the ones most likely to have you heard of. It is when there is pleasure in having sex with two women at the same time. Men are crazy about this possibility.

Fetishes you may never have seen

Source: Xnxx / Reproduction

For lovers of using food in the middle of practice, like some fruits or condensed milk, the name given to this fetish is Food Play or Sitofilia .

As the tenth fetish, blasting . Which is when what is being done or has been done is being spoken aloud. It is normal for men to report what happened to their colleagues.

Did you think it's over? Come on, we're only halfway there!

Those who are attracted to having sex in more deserted places, such as islands, have a fetish called nesophilia . Just like some people have a huge attraction for inflatable dolls and certain pornographic games. For those who do not follow this market much, the dolls available today are numerous, many indeed. It ranges from giants, very close to the real, like some editions of famous Dolls and Hentai .

Now, for those who have a very strong attraction for buttocks, not only men, believe me, many women do too, the name for this fetish is pigophilia .

One of the fetishes you may never have seen is restifism . Which is the adoration for women who wear heels, leather boots and sandals, preferably who leave their fingers on display. For some, this fetish is so big that they even ask them to use it and not take it off during sex. Even the tip is: this is one of the things that differentiates call girls. They use these props.

The porn video site has several content related to this.

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Do you have a friend who only hangs out with ugly people? In all senses? Men, women, always in that pattern. You can be a friend too. And that, even if you have the opportunity to go out with very attractive people, you don't? This fetish is called riparophilia . Yes, maybe you had no idea that it existed, right?

While some people are attracted to having sex, do you know where? On trains. That's right. It doesn't matter if it's moving, still, anyway.

Last four fetishes you may have never seen

Toucherism is when the attraction is in the fact of touching other people's body parts. This can happen even on the street, being considered harassment. Some have fetishes for breasts, buttocks, others for the private parts. And believe me: some can't control this instinct and that's it.

For those who are crazy about massages and, the more erotic, the better, the name given is trypsophilia. Remembering that, at that moment, creativity is loose.

Xenophilia is the type of fetish by certain foreign standards. It can be an accent, a type of behavior, anyway. That's when the postures of outsiders get your attention.

There is still, with the last of the different fetishes, that it is those who enjoy being jealous and being in situations that bring it. However, this can end up damaging the relationship, let it be clear.

Did you already know some of these fetishes?

Remembering that, Cec Ugc Cams has several other contents. Various themes, but bringing other fetishes too, if you like. As is the case with threesomes or ménage , as you prefer to call it. If you still want to, you can read more common types of fetishes in this article the biggest fetishes for men and women of all time and see the opinion of other website writers.


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