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The best sexual positions for women

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There are sexual positions for women to reach orgasm more easily, however, some men are unaware of that part of sex. Any guy likes it when he manages to make a woman reach a climax, this gives a feeling of power and accomplishment.

If you are part of the group of people who love to impress your partner with a complete breathtaking performance, check out our tips, we have some positions that you certainly love to do.

The best sexual positions for women


It is a well-known position of kamasutra that you can do well and make your partner reach orgasm more easily. The man sits cross-legged while his partner sits on his penis, wrapping his legs around his body. With the woman getting higher, it becomes easier to rub the clitoris, the center of all pleasure.

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Daddy and mommy

The missionary position is the most common of all and even seen as monotonous, however, it is an excellent position to bring the woman to a climax. The contact between various parts of the body is more intense and the act of looking at the face of the partner increases the excitement, in addition to coming and going to rub the clitoris.

Side by side

This position is also known as conchinha and with the woman on the side and the man behind, both are very comfortable during penetration. In addition, both hands will be free to explore physically. Having sex like this is very nice, besides being very romantic.

Of four

This is undoubtedly one of the favorite positions of men. In it, the guys can provide more pleasure for the partner, since he controls the pace of penetration, providing a much more intense contact. For women who love being dominated in bed, having sex on all fours or a dog, it increases the lust.


It is a simple and very exciting position. Let's agree that it is too nice to give an unexpected quick standing, leaning against the wall or a table. With the woman supported, the man can take the opportunity to penetrate deeply. It is a position that tires the least resistant, however, it is one of the most pleasurable for them.


The famous midfielder never goes out of style, besides being one of the best sexual positions for women and men too. Everyone enjoys oral sex because it allows both to have pleasure simultaneously. In addition, oral sex is a very easy way to reach orgasm.

Horseback Riding

This is another sex position totally sexy and very tasty to do. While lying down, the man can take the opportunity to delight in the partner's body movements, promoting the perfect fit between them. In addition, it is one of the sexual positions that make women enjoy it easier, since she has control of sexual intercourse.


It is a position that requires a little more physical preparation, however, it is one of the most delicious and pleasurable for women. The best place to do it is at the edge of the bed, where the woman lies with her legs together, each one on his shoulder. Once positioned, he penetrates her while the partner moves from side to side, increasing the friction on her clitoris.


In this position, the couple starts with Dad and Mom and little by little the woman tilts her hips, with her partner holding her around the waist while she keeps her bottom higher, facilitating penetration. This is a position to more easily stimulate the famous G-spot .

Satisfying a woman in bed may not be as easy a task as men imagine, however, choosing sexual positions with a partner in mind is a facilitating path towards this goal. Any woman goes crazy with a guy who knows how to innovate in bed.


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