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10 Unusual Fetish Types

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It's time to talk about unusual fetishes . When we talk about fetishes, in our thoughts the most common ones pass, like liking feet, having sex with three people or watching other people having sex .

There are other people who have extremely unusual desires, some considered super bizarre.

If you are not familiar with these peculiar tastes, we have made a list showing the strangest.

unusual fetishes

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What is fetish?

The fetish has by definition a diversion of sexual interest to some part of the body or specific activity.

According to some research, it is more common for men to have more fetishes than women, although they are increasingly discovering their fantasies.

Unusual fetishes

1. Nanophilia

unusual fetishes

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You can already imagine what the name is, right?
Nanophilia is a fetish that consists of having sexual desires for dwarves. Although it is not such a common fetish, there are several erotic videos with this theme. There are porn actresses and actors well known to some, with this theme.

2. Salirophilia

unusual fetishes

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Nowadays this fetish would arouse fear in many people. That's because salirophilia is the act of getting excited by someone else's saliva or sweat.

It is a fact that at the time of sex we love to see the other person sweating, it is too exciting, however, this desire goes much further.
There are people who like the natural smell so much, who prefer to have sex when the other person spends time without a bath.

3. Odaxelagnia

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The name is so complicated that it looks like a remedy, however, it is quite simple. This fetish is about feeling sexual desire in bites. There are those who do not even want to have sex, just to have a good bite. If you are someone who makes a point of receiving or taking a few bites during sex, maybe you are a fan of this fetish.

4. Menophilia

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This is the fetish of having sex with menstruating women. For many people, including women, the practice is quite disgusting, but for practitioners, falling for a hot mouth during the red period, is being in paradise. The guys don't just enjoy doing an oral, most like to get dirty all over with their partner's blood.

5. Oculophilia

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Have you ever had a lick in the eye during sex? It sounds very strange, but there are people who love to make or receive. Eyeglasses are excited by licking the eyeball. Even with so many places to lick, for many, innovating in bed is fundamental, even if doing something out of the ordinary.

6. Fornifilia

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When reading the word we imagine that it is some kind of fetish for ovens, however, the adepts of this practice manage to go further. For those who enjoy fornfilia, it is not a beautiful body that brings excitement, but some type of furniture, such as a table or chair. Generally, practitioners feel more horny putting themselves in the role of these objects.

7. Exophilia

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This is one of the strangest wishes on that list. Exophilia consists of feeling sexual desire by entities from other planets, the so-called extraterrestrials. It doesn't matter if these people feel horny for the graphic representation of these beings or for the fantasy of having a real encounter with one, what counts is the excitement that this unusual fetish causes.

8. Psychrophilia

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Many people dream of having sex on a deserted beach or a luxurious hotel, however, for a psychrophile, it is really nice to have sex in cold places, and the more cold the better. In addition, these people enjoy cold objects and feel horny when they are in places where the temperature is low.

9. Spectrophilia

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If the fetish for Ets is already weird as hell, imagine those who are horny for ghosts? The practice would be scary for most of us, but for those who enjoy it, it is a boner to imagine having sex with a supernatural entity or spending the night in a haunted house.

10. Anadentisfilia

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A perfect smile opens many doors, but for those who enjoy anadentisphilia, a person without teeth is totally attractive. Some are so passionate about it that they even extract their teeth to feel horny.

Those were some unusual fetishes, right? Is that you? Do you have any fetish considered strange or have you received a different proposal?


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