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Sexual attraction to ugly people: unatractifilia

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Do you have or know someone who has sexual attraction to ugly people? Did you know that there is even a way to call this case? Unatractifilia. It's kind of like a fetish for some people, who end up wanting to go to bed with ugly people. And it's very specific, very different people.

attraction to ugly people

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For them, it is normal and they are really happy with it, since, in their minds, the person is attractive. And when you talk about ugly people, you are talking about people even without their teeth. Some very mustachioed and others proboscis. Anyway, the options are many.

Usually, who is unatracctifilia does not even realize it.

Out of curiosity, women usually have sexual attraction to ugly people. And, it happens in the most varied places. They may be in the club, for example, and suddenly they are attracted to someone who is there. One thing that happens quite often is whoever is with her asks about really being interested in the other person and they don't care, since the attraction speaks louder.

Of course, the intention is to take that person to another place and thus, kill the desire that one has of him. The fetishes in this case speak louder.

To get an idea of ​​how unatractifilia is common, there are some porn actors who are ugly and were hired precisely for those who have this fetish.

What else is important to quote about sexual attraction to ugly people?

For those who want to better understand this attraction, it is usually very much of the person's personality. She always thought that way and sees no reason to change. Other times, it happens suddenly without even realizing it. When you see, you are already attracted to someone who is out of the standards of beauty.

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Some people have already stated that this peculiar taste was related to some insecurity that these people had in adolescence, in the sense of thinking that they would never reach anyone's height. So, after thinking about it, they started to like people who would believe they could stay, without any major problems. And yes, they can also be attracted to beautiful people. But sexual attraction to ugly people often prevails.

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