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20 sexual positions for you to spice up your relationship

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Speaking of sexual positions , there is nothing more boring than not knowing how to vary them during sex. Men and women like different things when it comes to this subject, however, it is always good to come to a consensus when going into that moment of special intimacy with the object of desire.

sexual positions

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Many women end up complaining about how their partner behaves in bed, because often their favorite sexual positions may not be the best to get them to climax, and we know that reaching a delicious orgasm should not be the privilege of only a link of the couple, but yes, something that is right for both and that generates a nice harmony.

Kamasutra: A good choice!

If you are part of the group of people who are bored with their sex life, a good request is to take advantage of the knowledge transmitted by Kamasutra, an ancient work, however, it remains one of the best selling books of all time.

Kamasutra is not simply a book about sex, but a celebration of love, with its sets of teachings that can be useful today. In this work, you will find several excellent instructions to open your mind regarding sex.

69 sexual positions to spice up any relationship

In Kamasutra there are very simple sexual positions, however, others can be quite complex, requiring a level of physical effort for the couple, but whichever is more pleasing, all of them are useful and have the objective of reaching a different level in time for sex.

As we love to talk about sex and transmit our knowledge on the subject, in this special article today, we will present 69 sexual positions that will make your relationships much hotter. There is nothing more pleasant than surprising the partner preparing a suitable environment for a night of pure lust.

1. The famous 69

sexual positions

We could not leave such a delicious position out of that list. Midfielder nine is the most democratic sexual position in existence. Whoever says he doesn't enjoy oral sex, probably didn't experiment with someone who knew how to do it. In this position, the couple can enjoy mutual pleasure, in addition to having variations, such as the inverted 69, in which the man is on top, the 69 sitting and the radical 69 inverted.

2. Dad and Mom

sexual positions

It is a classic of sexual positions, and one of the most romantic as well, although it is kind of tedious to stay only in its classic version all the time. The couple can have sex in this position taking advantage of its variations, just use creativity.

3. Ammunition

This position has a very strange name, however, it is a delight to practice, in addition to being extremely easy. With her legs flexed, the woman can support her feet on her partner's chest and enjoy much more controlled penetration.

4. Erotic squat

With the man lying down, the woman rests her hands on him and starts a very sexy squat on top of her partner. Besides being a delight, it is one of the ideal sexual positions for those who want to lose a little extra weight.

5. Rest

This position was made for the couple to rest a little after an extreme sex. With him lying on his side, the companion lies on his back, puts his legs on him and enjoys the penetration while the two recover their energy.

6. The flight of the eagle

In this position the woman lies with her legs up and her knees slightly bent, while the man also stands with his knees on the floor or in bed, holding his legs and controlling penetration.

7. Lounger

This position takes its name, because the arrangement of the couple's bodies forms a lounger. The man kneels, the woman lies with her head on a pillow and knees bent. With his arms behind him, he helps with movement.

8. The rocking horse

In this position the man sits with his legs crossed and his partner on him. Facing each other, he can seek support and take the opportunity to touch his partner as he pleases.

9. Armchair

This is a very comfortable position for women. In it, the man sits using his hands as support, and the woman lies with her legs on the partner's shoulder, however, the two can move and increase contact.

10. United

In this position it is necessary to have a waist game. The two stand on their sides and hug each other with their legs, using their hands to balance themselves. Although it seems simple, it is not a very easy position, as it can be a little tiring, however, it allows a deep penetration.

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That was the first part of the sexual positions to give an up in your intimate life. Take the opportunity to put each of them into practice, the loved one will love it!

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