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Sperm: facial sperm mask

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Do you know sperm: facial sperm mask? Yes, there are several facial treatments. These are usually composed of oils. But, some time ago, people started talking about another possibility, which is Espermahydrate.


Source: CBS News / Reproduction

And more than that: many women who started using it, claimed to have several benefits on their face after this use.

However, remembering that, we are talking about a specific cream. Don't think that sperm on your face will have the same effect.

Recent studies have shown that yes, sperm has a positive effect on the skin. In the case of Espermahydrate: facial sperm mask, in addition to sperm, it also has mineral salts, fructose, vitamin, among other substances.

The moment when this option appeared is not new. Some women, knowing their possibilities when it comes to effectiveness, started to test it and, yes, they found that it was effective in preventing aging. His proposal is to moisturize and nourish the skin.

Spermmahydrate: facial sperm mask, what needs to be taken into account?

Bearing in mind that when talking about sperm, a sperm facial mask, some considerations need to happen. For example: is your partner's sperm healthy? Are you sure that he does not have HIV, for example?

Sperm: facial sperm mask

Source: ShwKonows / Reproduction

And another: if you are single, and thus, have no steady partner, what to do?

Why yes, the use of sperm is an incredible option. Some studies have even shown that it can be thirty times more effective than vitamin E. But thinking about your health is also essential.

If you don't have a steady partner, you should ask someone or even talk to the guys you go out with and trust.

For those who want to use sperm, they must, before male ejaculation, say that they want him to keep the sperm in a pot. After that, you apply the sperm to your face, sleep with it and take it off when you wake up. Some of the sperm can also be stored and thus frozen, as long as it is used within a month.

The results promise to be quick, that is, in the short term. The Sperm Hydrate: facial sperm mask was previously surrounded by myths, but now it has evidence regarding its use.

What about threesomes: do you always have the first time ? Yeah, what do you know about? Know that, you can know more now.


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