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Does a man feel when a woman comes?

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Yes, men are really not humble when it comes to sex. But the question that many people ask themselves is: does a man feel when a woman enjoys? Do you know what happened? Or just ask her? Find out now!

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In fact, several men were asked about it and it turned out that most of them know when she came.

For several reasons. Sometimes because they feel it, but sometimes because they realize that it changes completely when it happens. Some even say that their faces and mouths deliver the game.

But, making it clear that, when it comes to: does a man feel when a woman enjoys? It is not a unanimous answer. Of the people questioned about this, many of the men, especially the younger ones, said that it is not always possible to make this identification quickly. It often ends up being a challenge. However, that they are sure that with each sex, things get a little simpler.

How it works: man feels when woman enjoys

Thus, it is important to understand that, here we are not talking about a forced orgasm, in which the man practically begs the woman to say that she has come. We are focusing on natural issues. Like: sex happens and he is sure that, in addition to its fulfillment, the partner's orgasm also happened. Therefore, no female leg, shaking, is a sign of a complete orgasm.

Source: reproduction / pornpics

So, the intention is, that he feels physically or physiologically, that this orgasm really happened. One of the things most cited by men is that, from woman to woman, this discovery made by them varies. That is why, with some of them, a man feels when a woman comes. Not with others. According to them, this is far more common than people can imagine. Some even report that some don't even enjoy it, even if they ask, they say they didn't get there. So the question they ask is whether it just happened to them or if they never make it. Many are left without knowing the answer.

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