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What is polyamory?

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Do you know what polyamory is? If you've ever fallen in love with two or more people at the same time, the answer is yes! Our society was built on certain standards and one of them is that of monogamy. It is much more common and acceptable to maintain a relationship with a single person and the opposite of that, which society considers “normal” is viewed with a bad eye.


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Polyamory is considered a novelty or a passing fad, however, this way of relating has existed for a long time, more precisely, since the 1980s, when the idea became strong in the United States.

In a polyamorous relationship, there is the involvement of more than two people, whether heterosexual or homosexual, which can be between men and women, only between women, or only between men. This type of love involvement has become increasingly popular here in Brazil, however, it is necessary that all elements have a very open mind to deal with this issue without jealousy and other neuras.

Polyamory and law


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There was a time when legally only family members were accepted, couples formed by a man and a woman. As time went by, new forms of relationship emerged and nowadays homosexual couples have won the right to acquire marriage and this has opened up a gap for other types of relationships, such as polyamory .

Although there is still no family recognition of two simultaneous entities, there are already certain decisions that ended up favoring those involved in this type of relationship.

Myths about polyamory


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1. It is not an open relationship

In an open relationship, those involved are free to seek out other people, but in polyamory this is different. People are involved in affective bonds, not only sexual, so it can be considered as a relationship like any other, with rules established between partners.

2. It is not a swing

Polyamory is not an exchange of couples as many people think. In exchange, there is a purely sexual interest. Those involved seek to satisfy their physical desires, while in a polyamorous relationship, the same does not happen.

3. It is not infidelity

Polyamory only happens properly, when everyone involved agrees, so it is not an act of betrayal.

Difficulties in a polyamorous relationship

As in a monogamous relationship, in polyamory there may be some difficulties that are difficult to overcome and they are:

Excessive jealousy

We all have a little bit of jealousy at some point in life. Some are able to cope well with this problem, however, there are those who overdo the dose. For this type of person, a polyamorous relationship is not recommended, as there is a possibility of conflicts occurring at some point.

The prejudice

Just as many homosexuals still suffer prejudice for living monogamous relationships like most of society, supporters of polyamory feel the same way. Many end up experiencing quite uncomfortable situations, such as having to explain to other people that what they live in is love and not naughtiness, as many people see.

The end of the relationship

The end of a polyamorous relationship can be painful like any monogamous relationship, yet these losses can be even more complicated. Having a relationship with more than one person does not mean that the loss of one of the elements will not cause pain.

  • Is polyamory for you? If you are one of those who are also curious to know what it would be like to live this type of experience, it is necessary above all to do a self-analysis. If you or your partner is jealous or are looking for that kind of experience to fix a broken relationship, probably polyamory was not made for you. Now if you have an open mind and are always looking for new emotions, why not try it? To read about other topics check out: Find out what your sexual fetish is .


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