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Married men cheating on their wives with gays

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Some married men face a huge dilemma with regard to sexuality . These guys live divided between their true sexual desires and maintain a life according to what is acceptable to society. Although the history of homosexuality is very old, much bad information about it is still disseminated today.

married men

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Human sexuality is a vast field, each one has its own specific characteristics and desires, something that must be seen in a very natural way.

In the past, back in the days of our parents and grandparents, being gay was much more dramatic than today, since there was the custom of the famous façade weddings, which continue today. However, many men have had the courage to face and hit on their true nature, but others prefer to suppress their desires.

Married men in the cruising apps

married men

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In gay dating apps like Tinder , Grindr and others, it's quite common to find married men looking for a sexual adventure with other guys. This is an issue that deserves to be addressed without prejudice.

With so many dating possibilities that these apps provide, there are those men who identify themselves as heterosexuals, however, they are there in search of casual sex with expensive gold.

Various types of men fit this profile. They are married men, parents of the family, young, old, men curious about gay sex and we also have those famous macho and homophobic people, who spew prejudice in all corners, however, at the first opportunity they face a sex with another guy.

Married men end up cheating more in these apps

married men

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Among those who claim to be heterosexual within these applications, the vast majority are married men, who do not find satisfaction in sex with their wives. Many gays tell about their experiences with these guys. They reveal that many guys arrive saying it is their first time, that they just want to try it, however, when the sexual act happens, it is clear that these guys already had some experience.

Others are more open, confess that they are gay in the closet is that keeping a case hidden is the only possible way to be able to experience their desires. Listening to several reports of gays on the internet, the stories are very similar. That typical straight guy who goes to football with friends and goes to the club to catch several women, but who then go out in search of other men to satisfy their most intimate needs.

The “straight” and anal sex

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For many men, anal sex is taboo. Although the prostate provides high pleasure during this practice, guys are reluctant to demonstrate to wives that they like a stimulus in this area and because of that, many end up stopping at these applications. Even couples occasionally look for casual sex with other guys, with the practice usually involving the relationship between the three.

Since not all wives are liberal, most of these husbands continue to shrink their cases. Many wives are suspicious, but say nothing, while others do not even dream of the double life their husband leads.

The burden on conscience

Many married men who cheat on their wives with gays take it very naturally, but most say they feel very guilty. Some talk about how dirty they feel when they return to their wife at home after a torrid night with another guy. Others spend the rest of their lives married, like some cases of men in their 60s who decide to come out after decades of marriage.

These men who maintain facade marriages, reveal that they are not accepted in the straight world, much less in the gay world, making them feel marginalized. In England there is a support group for these men. Gay Married Men was founded a few years ago and seeks to help men in this situation.

Founders of this group went so far as to reveal that the reasons for these closets to marry are various. Some believed they were going through a phase and that the marriage would get in the way, others did not want to be banned from family and social life. There are also those whose religion completely condemns homosexuality.

The reasons for married men to cheat on their wives with gays are several. Everyone's sexuality deserves to be respected, however, being honest in your feelings is a sign of freedom. If you live in this type of situation, it is important to review what is best for you and seek a qualified therapist to help with this acceptance process.


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