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Step by Step Easy Erotic Massage

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Who has never dreamed of knowing an easy erotic massage step by step? This is because, although many people are even interested in the topic, it is common that it seems difficult to many. So, with an easy option, everything is simpler.

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Because, is there anything better than a massage when it comes to relaxing?

Certainly not. And anyone who doubts that statement is because they don't know a real massage. Remembering that, we are not necessarily talking here about feelings. So, if you are going out with someone just for pleasure and want to put the erotic massage step by step into practice, there is no problem with that.

It will make sure that all the sexual energy that exists between you is emphasized. And it's an excellent way to spice up the relationship. Mainly due to the fact that, when this massage is done well, everything else is forgotten. What can be used to check whether or not someone else is enjoying it are the sighs and groans they give or not. It is quite normal for these to be many. But, remember, it needs to be done well and without haste. Or else, the chances of it not working out are great.

What needs to happen is a dedication at the moment. And this one needs to be related to each of the muscles. That is: all of them, from head to toe.

Learn the step by step erotic massage

step by step erotic massage

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First, it is important that a climate is created. The environment needs to be conducive to the practice, or else it will not work as expected. Candles can help a lot in terms of decoration, so don't skimp on them. Aromatic eyes and incense also help a lot. A song that leads to the idea of ​​the sensual is also always welcome.

Remember to always induce the visual: look in the eyes. Using a more velvety and sexy voice is also positive.

Gradually, amidst the step by step erotic massage, take care of issues such as body awareness. For example: help him take off his clothes. Then help him to lie on his stomach. Even more so if he is already completely naked. Start slowly and then increase the frequency and speed. Work all parts of the body, especially the feet. Remember that there are a lot of sensitive points on the sole of the shoe that can make you very excited. Touch your genitals lightly.

Another interesting point is to work on his breathing. Breathe close to your mouth and let out light moans. It will drive you crazy. From time to time, opt for breathless noises. Of course, everything is controlled, without exaggeration. Or else, a strange situation will remain. It is always important to remember that the more connected you are, the better.

Reach his limit, in the most sensitive areas. Caress his testicles and penis, but don't leave the massage, even if he tries.

When you realize that he is squirming, you can’t take it anymore, it’s time to stop.

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