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Having menstruation? Can or can not?

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Many people have doubts when it comes to having menstruating . It turns out, there are no rules when it comes to sex. Much contrary press: when fewer rules exist, the better. This is also true if the woman is menstruating and wants to have sex.

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Gynecologists say that, not having sex does not cause any harm to health. It can even bring benefits, for example, in the sense of relieving menstrual cramps.

Of course, it goes from couple to couple, as some may not like the idea very much. But if you choose it, there is definitely no problem.

It is also important to say that there are ways to stop menstruation during sex, for those who have doubts about how to have sex without being in the shower in the direction of the blood that is likely to come out. One example is soft tampons, which have just that function.

In the sense of specific care when having menstruation, experts say that they need not happen. However, the tip is that the condom is used. Since, if the woman already has a communicable disease, the chance of passing it on to her partner is even greater during this period.

A few more questions about having menstruating

For those who have doubts about whether a woman's menstruation is horny or not at this stage, it varies a lot from woman to woman. Some of them actually feel a lot more hot during their menstruation. Even more because it is a time with many hormonal changes. However, it is not a rule.

Menstrual Settling

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There are still some who question whether it is really impossible to get pregnant while menstruating. But, don't have sex thinking that, because there are chances of getting pregnant. They are smaller, but they exist.

As for the use of tampon, it is important to understand that having sex with your partner is dangerous. That's because, what happens is that it doesn't occupy the entire vaginal tube and, due to that, it ends up working like a stopper. Thus, if there is a lot of movement during intercourse or the partner's penis is very large, the woman may end up bothering.

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