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I come quickly, broxei, now what?

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“I enjoy it too quickly ” or “ broxei at the time of sex ” are two questions that men raise a lot on the agenda.

Women and men have to deal with several issues that affect the emotional security of many people, however, because our society is still very demanding with the question of masculinity, men end up feeling charged.


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One issue that bothers them a lot is the size of the penis , a topic that has been debated for years and even today with several changes that ended up taking place, guys still worry about it. There are men who avoid having sex, looking for escort girls , as this reduces the fear of getting emotionally involved and frustrated because of what they consider to be a big problem.

Does penis size matter?


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This is a question that divides opinions, since each person has different sexual desires and needs, however, sexologists affirm that the old story that knowing how to use is more important is totally real. According to them, the woman is sensitive at the entrance of the vagina, so a small penis can do the job.

In addition to the size of the penis , other issues bother men a lot, such as enjoying fast, the famous premature ejaculation, as well as erectile dysfunction. Many guys go through this problem, which brings a certain embarrassment to seek treatment for the problem.

Quick enjoyment, what to do?


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Premature ejaculation consists of the loss of ejaculatory control.

Some men enjoy only introducing the penis to their partner, but that doesn't always mean he has the problem. To know if you have premature ejaculation, it is necessary to observe some factors. When looking for a specialist doctor, he will find out if ejaculation occurs in less than two minutes and in at least half of sexual intercourse.

Only when analyzing the patient's history will the doctor be able to arrive at a satisfactory diagnosis, however, if you believe you have premature ejaculation, know that you are not part of an absolute minority, since it is estimated that 30% to 40% of men suffer from this problem at the time of enjoyment.

Factors of premature ejaculation


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Premature ejaculation can occur for several reasons. Many of them are rooted in issues that have happened since youth. Excessive masturbation , or anxiety during sex, can accelerate enjoyment. Others cannot control enjoyment when they use condoms. Therefore, for whatever reason, it is important to seek medical help to avoid other problems, such as possible depression or lack of sexual desire.

Causes of premature ejaculation


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1. Depression;
2. Bad love experiences;
3. Shyness;
4. Physical insecurity;
5. Stress;
6. Fear of not being able to satisfy a woman;
7. Castrating education in childhood;
8. Biological factors, such as abnormal hormone levels, diabetes, prostate problems and even genetic factors.


When looking for the right professional, he can recommend that counseling be done with a sex therapist or psychologist. There are great chances of improvement after a while in therapy, however, when the problem is persistent, the doctor may prescribe medications that can help with the problem.

Broxei, what to do?

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Just like premature ejaculation, broxar is a nightmare for most men. Some have gone through this, but deny it, since for society, this is a laughing matter. The point is that no man is immune from going through this at least once in his life.

However, what should be of concern is if the episodes become constant. If in most sexual relations the man is unable to keep his penis erect or maintain an erection, it would be the ideal time to seek help from a professional.

Factors that increase the chances of broxar

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All men at some point in their life have flushed or will flush, however, it is good to be aware that some situations end up causing the problem, such as:

1. Anxiety to give pleasure to the partner;
2. Fear of broxar;
3. Accumulated stress;
4. Physical insecurity;
5. Psychological problems;
6. Biological factors.

These are the factors that in most cases cause the problem of sexual impotence, so, when realizing that you suffer from some, the ideal is to seek medical help. The professional can prescribe some medication that helps the patient, however, the most indicated is to recommend a therapy. In most cases, these forms of treatment work.

Broxei: Tips to not fail in time H

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If you are one of those who can say the word broxei, don't be ashamed or be more anxious, as these factors only aggravate the situation. The ideal is to follow some tips like:

1. Control negative thoughts that generate anxiety;
2. Know your own body and all the areas that give pleasure besides the penis;
3. Do not focus only on penetration, since most women cannot reach orgasm in this way;
4. Focus on the current situation and stop charging yourself too much.

" Broxei or come quickly ", are issues that shake the psychological of many men, however, knowing that there is treatment for these problems, it can make everything easier. Being ashamed to seek help only exacerbates the problem, so to return to a healthy and quality sex life , these issues cannot be ignored.


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