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What is crossdresser?

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Do you know what a crossdresser is? It is a theme that gradually gained strength in Brazil. For it to be better understood, a scene needs to be imagined. Think, you, woman, are in a public toilet. At that moment, a guy who is dressed as a woman enters. Would you be embarrassed? It shouldn't.


Source: Twitter - Reproduction

The crossdresser is exactly when the person chooses to wear clothes of the opposite sex to her.

But, what happens is that, daily they go through situations like the one mentioned and are embarrassed by it. Which is not a positive thing, since each person has every right to make their choices.

Many confuse the term with transsexuality, but it is different, since no procedure is performed. They are just ways to dress and act. They are not concerned, for example, with using hormones. And they don't even feel like women. They want to wear clothes in order to express what they think.

In addition to clothes, they identify a lot with accessories too. What is more common is men who dress as women, than the other way around. Including make-up and wigs are some of the most used. Just like, heeled shoes.

What else do you need to know about what a crossdresser is?

An interesting detail is that, in relation to what is crossdresser, one point that does not occur is hair removal. Many men even dress up as women, but do not remove their beards, for example.

Source: Twitter - Reproduction

The term started in the sixties, but in Brazil, it was even known in 1997. At the time, people knew it as the idea of ​​dressing the other way around. However, what can already be imagined is that they are people who are very afraid of prejudice. Therefore, they end up doing everything half hidden from their families. It is common for them to participate and show themselves as they would like at night. Most of them affirm that this desire to dress differently appears suddenly, it is not something they always had.

As for the question of what a crossdresser is and whether they are all homosexuals , the answer is no. It depends largely. Some yes, others not.

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