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Make man come in a few steps

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When it comes to making men come, everyone goes crazy wanting to know what the real secrets are in this regard. Exist? For sure!

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Of course, perhaps, you, as a woman, now think that you have never cared about it and yet your partner always enjoys it. But, the truth is, everything can change if you understand some issues. In order to intensify this further, make the man come, making him really crazy.

For those who are still inexperienced in the matter, those people who, had almost no relationship, or even are virgins, from now on, will know exactly what to do and the best: in a few steps.

The first has to do with rubbing your hands on his penis. That's right, making this movement, as if it were a way of stirring him up, driving him crazy. And it doesn't necessarily have to be at a time when he is undressed. You know that crumple, in the car? He can be further encouraged with that touch on top of his jeans. It also applies to the sofa, for example.

It is worth understanding that the more you caress and the faster, the more chances for him to enjoy it even easier.

Because according to the intensity that things are happening, everything changes. The guy feels more and more horny and things happen without them even realizing it.

What else should be done?

In order to make the man come, it is important that, when it is noticed that he is very excited, you open his pants yourself, preferably with your mouth, and continue the stimulus. What you should do is reach out your hand and play the famous handjob. Do this with slow movements and then increase the speed.

In this regard, two things need to be made clear. The first is that the wank played by the woman is very different from the one they play alone. First, because when she starts to touch her, the penis is usually well stimulated. And, after that, you will have to find out what is the handjob that best stimulates you. Some prefer it only with the hand, others with the help of the female mouth. Some fast, others slow. It is very relative and you need to discover the best ways.

In all senses. There is even a man who does not like this process. That he can only be content to come when he has sex, or even jerk off alone, on his inspirations.


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But, don't worry, because in fact, you are under no obligation to know about it. It is gradually that you will discover.

Making a man come can be much easier than you can imagine. Just take a few things into consideration. Like the ones that have already been said.

But, if you want to stir him up even more, before making him come, you can climb on his lap and start kissing him non-stop.

This will make you even more excited, especially if the place you are in is public and you risk someone arriving. It will go even crazier.

Next steps to make a man come

Among the next steps are taking your clothes off. The more you can make this sexy, the better. To do this, go on teasing him, taking him out piece by piece, giving him the parts to kiss.

Everything changes from this understanding, from doing things more slowly, so that it becomes more intense. Put on a song if you think you can make things even better. Giving breasts to him to suck at that time, as well as rubbing them on him and on his penis, everything changes.

It is not yet time to start having sex. Make him excited, with some things said in his ear or needless to say, you can speak out loud. It gives a great pleasure. And this can happen even when the penis is already inside you.

Keep teasing and saying things. But the only thing that needs to be clear is that the chances of him coming faster are much greater when you speak. So, if you don't want to, and yes, your goal is to make the most of the moment, don't overdo it.

Preferably always look them in the eye and take advantage of facial expressions to show him what you are feeling about lust. You don't have to force the bar. Pretend something that doesn't exist. Just demonstrate if you really feel something, which is expected, that you feel.

Enjoy and talk to your partner about your lust, if something is not in accordance with what you want. That makes all the difference.

At the time of sex…

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It is important that you are cautious in some ways. The first one is that, regardless of whether you opted for a condom or not, remembering that the ideal is its use, due to the care it provides, some details can help, such as the lubricant.

It makes all the difference for sex to be even more pleasurable and so, things really flow. The way it has to be.

Because, if this care does not occur and the penis is placed too hard and without any assistance, depending on the situation, things may not end well and one of the parts, getting hurt.

Remembering that when you start riding, you must not forget that you are not a rabbit. What does it mean? That the idea is not to keep going up and down without stopping, without worrying about anything. The idea is to go slow, seduce at that time. As stated, preferably, look at him in the midst of this.

To make a man come, these details become very important. And, in case you got here and he hasn't come yet, fine. You must change your position until that happens. So, there is a hint: the four makes them crazy.

See, there is nothing difficult in practice, you just need to be patient and let things happen naturally, without forcing anything.

And, about making women come , what do you know about it? Because now you can find out everything.


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