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Longer sex: how to do it? Have you ever wanted sex to last longer and, try as you might, you couldn't? Have you ever wondered how to make sex more lasting and did not know the answer? Know that, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman and you really want it, you can do it. Since...
Anal sex: men's desire! Anal sex: men's desire? Or women too? Have you ever wondered about this? What happens is that, men in general, have a tare for anal sex. It is as if, at least once in their lives, they had to have anal sex to at least know what it is like. IT'S...
Perfect Blowjob: find out how to do it! How do you believe to be the perfect blowjob? Because yes, despite the specifics of each man, there is a way to reach perfection when it comes to blowjob. Right away, it is good to remember that, despite being an organ that feels a lot of pleasure, all care with it is little, since it is well ...
Open Relationship Open Relationship: Have you ever had one? Can you accept it? This question needs to be asked before we explore the term further. This is because, in theory, everything is beautiful: people who do not charge themselves, who stay with whomever they want, should not be satisfied. But in practice, things can come out a ...
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