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Oral sex in women: How to do it

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Check here some steps for the success of oral sex in a woman and make her have several orgasms, make sure she goes crazy in bed. Only the intention of wanting to satisfy your partner are several steps above the level of regular sex. The practice is frowned upon by a very outdated portion of the population, outdated men who have several reservations when it comes to sucking a woman and making her come.

Oral sex in women: How to do it

The erogenous zones are spread throughout the human body, we would say that the female genital organ would be the most common high point for women, and they vary a lot from person to person.

Some like a good tug of hair, others go crazy doing oral sex, some turn out to be great predators of anal sex, or there are all of them in the same woman, it's a mysterious world.

oral sex

How to have oral sex on women

Exploring her body is the beginning of everything, going thirsty to the pot can ruin her pleasure, her clitoris is sensitive and must have gentle stimuli to start. Start by taking her clothes off slowly, each piece calmly, that way you have time to let her mind travel in what will happen next, take off your lingerie with your mouth, look her in the eye. Prepare her body for your tongue. If you prepare her body like this for oral sex, for penetration the dedication is even greater.

oral sex

Capriche in kisses

Kisses are an important key to her arousal, so, kiss her mouth willingly and show a preview of what you are going to do down there by slowly sucking her lower lip, open your eyes and take it hard, it will soften little by little. Check with your fingers, delicately, if she is already in the mood and choose the position you prefer for oral sex.

Find a suitable position

Generally the position in which she is lying and you lying, or lying on your stomach, is very comfortable, however, the ideal is to make a wedge under her hip, the elevation will facilitate the reach of your tongue in deep places . Kiss the whole area slowly and don't harden your tongue! It is a very common mistake that can lead to tickling sensations and that is not the idea of ​​the experience.

oral sex

Pay attention to lubrication

Lubrication will come naturally, suck until you feel your breath is getting more short. Observe her signals, if she grabs your head or gives you directions and speeds that please you most. Take care not to bump your teeth, as the vagina is very sensitive and hurts when the teeth hit the mucous membranes. Use your fingers when she is getting horny, put one or two fingers and make movements in conjunction with oral sex. Alternate between light sucks and licks and stimulate the G-spot (located approximately five centimeters after the entrance of the vagina).

The look says it all

Looking in the eyes is a very basic technique, you make the movements and analyze her face and body. That way you will see the effects of her work, stroking her legs makes her relax and feel even more pleasure. An important tip is not to stop until orgasm arrives! Don't worry because your language will be fine, but just as you love a happy ending, she likes it too.

After all these tips, all we can say now is that you plan immediately to put into practice each tip we gave you. Follow step by step to the joy of your partner, and consequently yours because she will want to repay what you do. Oral sex is a two-way street, or more!


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