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Open relationship

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Open relationship: have you ever had one? Can you accept it? This question needs to be asked before we explore the term further. This is because, in theory, everything is beautiful: people who do not charge themselves, who stay with whomever they want, should not be satisfied. But in practice, things can get a little out of control. Especially in the sense that, the two partners do not always agree with the idea.

Open relationship

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What usually happens is that, initially they agree with the practice, but then, one of them ends up getting attached and prefers not to tell the partner that the open relationship is no longer working.

Then jealousy begins to appear and so, what is thought is that one wants to get out of it. But, as it was a deal and you don't want to lose the person, a “little game” starts to happen in relation to that.

Now, if the idea of ​​having more people and also knowing that the other person also has it, yes, you are the right person for an open relationship. Remembering that, although the term has a meaning, your open relationship may have specific questions, according to what was agreed between you and your partner.

But, what is an open relationship really like?

Open relationship

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The first and most important understanding is that engagement with other people is normal and you need to see it that way. In fact, many modern couples live together, take care of their children, kiss, but sex with other people is allowed and everything is fine with that.

Because the relationship is open, that is, the person ceases to be exclusively yours. And, in the case of those who do not know whether or not they would be prepared for this, the question is, just experimenting to know. You may even think that this is what you have always dreamed of, but perhaps in practice, things will change for you. Dialogue is essential in the midst of this process, as it allows the right combinations to be made and thus, both can be satisfied in the midst of this open relationship .

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