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Romance Safely: Erotic Games

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Who does not like a romance with naughtiness: erotic games, that throw the first stone. The music already said, in addition to making it tasty, it also uses condensed milk. What changes in relation to this naughtiness is what each one does in relation to it.

Some love the idea of ​​food and there are those who prefer props, such as handcuffs, costumes, ropes. It is quite varied. Are we going to get to know some of the most common practices that everyone should do at least once?

Romance Safely: Erotic Games

Source: Twitter / Reproduction

  • Kiss well given with condensed milk: for those who think that condensed milk only serves to be passed on parts of the body, no. The person can put it between their lips and after that, kiss the other person. The Greek kiss also with condensed milk can be quite a pleasure. Be sure to try. How to make? Put some of the product between your fingers and pass it over the entire region of the anus. Then, lick and drain the condensed milk. Always with circular movements. For those who prefer, this can be done on the buttocks. So, in addition to licking, bites can be given. Can women do the practice on men? They can, but not everyone likes it. So do it little by little and discover the reactions.

It can even work as a preliminary. Even if you want to have access to foreplay options to improve sex, access this content . In this article, Romance with Safadeza: Erotic Games, the idea is just to use condensed milk. But, in this other option, there are more possibilities.

condensed milk sex

Source: PonrHub / Reproduction

More naughty romance options: erotic games with condensed milk

  • Traditional condensed milk throughout the body remains a success. Impossible not to like the idea. But remember, it's time to smear yourself, so, nothing to be disgusted. Nothing that a good bath won't solve afterwards. However, a tip: reduce hair before doing anything. Or else, the condensed milk will end up sticking and not everything will go as expected. Enjoy the moment for everything: be it licking, kissing, sucking, anyway. This is the idea.

  • Add strawberries: it can be an excellent option for romance with naughtiness: erotic games. Especially because condensed milk and strawberry is simply the perfect combination. And there is more flavor in the midst of pleasure, especially for those who are easily sick of sweets. You can work with them whole or chop them up.
Romance Safely: Erotic Games

Source: Twitter / Reproduction

  • For the more daring, instead of wearing panties, it is possible to create one with condensed milk. And then, the other person "takes it off" through the licks. Just as massage can be an excellent idea, using candy.

For those who want to view some fetishes like these, XVideos has several.

For those who prefer not to wrap the condensed milk in the body, an excellent idea is to prepare a dessert with banana, for example, and eat it before having sex or after. Thus, several things can be hinted at through this. So, it is enough for the horny to be part of the moment, post or pre practice.


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