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20 sexual positions that will spice up your relationship - Part 2

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The sexual positions that will spice up your sex life are back in this second part, because we know that having sex the same way always ends up tiring and making the life of any couple, an endless boredom. If you haven't read it, see the first part of this article here: 20 sexual positions for you to spice up your relationship .

Love does not always hold a dating or marriage relationship, it is necessary to have a harmony between four walls as well.


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For many people, especially women, sex is still taboo. Although all women feel as much pleasure, or even more than men, because the clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as the glans, some are afraid to dare during sex, but let's agree, surprise someone during sex makes a good impression and makes anyone want to repeat the dose.

Kamasutra: A good choice!

Leaving a little bit of conversation aside, we are going to introduce you to some more excellent sexual positions to make any couple have an intense orgasm together, because nothing better than to loosen up in bed, release all your desires and enjoy!

Sexual positions to use creativity in bed

11. The Helix


By the strange name we imagine the most bizarre things possible, however, this sexual position consists of the man lying on top of his partner, with his head turned in the opposite direction, like a 69, however, what happens between the two is a very different penetration.

12. Buckle


It is a position that requires a certain level of fitness on the part of the couple, especially the man. He stands, the companion in his arms entwines his legs around his waist, causing a deep penetration, not to mention that this position is quite sensual.

13. sexual position: Nirvana


With the man on her, the woman stands with her legs stretched out and her arms resting on her head, while he controls the pace of penetration. Certainly, this is a nice position for those who enjoy being dominated, in addition to providing a good rest for the legs.

14. The fork

This position is kind of weird, but for those couples who enjoy a challenge in bed it can be great. This position consists of the man lying down with his companion in the shape of a cross, interlacing his legs in the process. From then on, there is a very deep penetration.

15. Bridge

In this position the guy must have a good physical resistance to make a kind of bridge with the body and let the partner climb on him. This position is for those couples who love to exceed all limits.

16. The padlock


A very sexy position that we always see in the movies. Sitting on a piece of furniture that leaves her at partner's height, the woman wraps her legs around his waist and the man standing controls the pace of penetration.

17. The butterfly


It is a position that should also be used on some furniture, such as a table, for example. The man remains standing while holding his mate by the butt. She, in turn, rests her legs on her partner's shoulder and keeps her upper body elevated.

18. Plow

It is very easy to understand why he takes that name, because in this position, the man stands up, takes his partner from behind while she uses her hands to rest on the bed. By raising her hips, the man manages to have a much deeper penetration, although it is very tiring for the less physically prepared.

19. The scissors

Do not confuse with lesbian scissors. In this position, the man looks more like a tightrope walker, as he lies with his knees bent, while she sits on him holding on to his partner's hands. It is a tiring and difficult position, only for those who enjoy a good challenge.

20. Conchinha


This is an excellent position for pregnant women. With the two lying on the scoop with their legs flexed, penetration is much more comfortable for her, in addition to the man being free to touch her breasts and other parts of his partner.

The images are reproduction of the site “ Sexual Positions Free “.

Those were 20 sexual positions for you to warm up your sex even more. If you didn't check the first part of that list, take the opportunity to do it now and become an expert in the most pleasurable sexual positions. To see more, check out: positions for female masturbation.


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