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Lesbian tips on how to flirt with other women

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Today we will give you the best lesbian tips for you to flirt with other women . Men have a hard time hitting a kitten, because the women are tired of sung songs and empty statements.

For many heterosexuals, flirting between people of the same sex appears to be much less complex, since in the minds of many people, the fact that they are equal, makes them able to understand each other's head well.

lesbian tips

However, in reality the situation is very different, as in the case of lesbian women , who are our topic today. In several groups and social networks it is common to see lesbians complaining about the difficulty of reaching that crush so desired.

Who has never been lost when it comes to showing interest to that beautiful college girl or who she met in the flirting apps?

lesbian tips

The situation becomes even more complicated when the woman who is interested in the other is inexperienced. There are several cases of this type, where one of those involved never had a homosexual experience and ended up becoming interested in another girl. These "closets" tend to have more difficulty reaching the other. Thinking about this subject, we decided to list the best lesbian tips , given by themselves, to be successful in flirting.

The best lesbian tips for flirting with crush

lesbian tips

1. Maintain eye contact

If you are shy, maintaining eye contact with your flirt will be a real torment. However, many women reveal that looking is always the first sign of interest, which ends up facilitating other steps. You don't need to look at the other woman shamelessly, just be subtle and she will understand.

2. Don't stop smiling

A beautiful smile is an excellent business card. Nothing worse than putting on your face when it comes to flirting. The other woman may think that you are not interested and will ease up. The smile makes the other woman see you as a good-natured and calm person and this will spark her interest.

3. Don't be in a hurry

Being decisive does not mean being rushed. It is better to probe the other girl before getting to the point, this can end up intimidating her. If she is shy, even more complicated, so take it easy, come over to have a nice conversation and only then try to show your interest.

4. Praise

Whether straight or lesbian , what woman doesn't like a compliment? Talking about how beautiful her smile is or some other characteristic, such as the look, the way, are a differential when it comes to flirting. However, it is important to act with sincerity and not to exaggerate just to get off a date with that woman so desired.

5. Three Seconds

There are several lesbian tips, however, there is one that is infallible, according to them. The girls reveal that they usually face the crush for 3 seconds and if the other matches the look, it means that she is available to talk.

6. Speaking of which ...

If you can talk to the other woman, make sure the conversation will be pleasant. There is nothing more boring than that type of person who just talks about you or has no chat and lets the conversation fall silent. Ahh! And it's not worth talking about that problematic ex of yours!

7. Be confident!

Trust is something that makes many things in our life end up working, including in relationships . Being confident to talk and express interest is essential. Demonstrating insecurity and a low self-esteem can make the other woman get away quickly, after all, nobody likes complications.

8. Use indirect

Slapping the face and getting out is a nightmare, however, you can use and abuse the indirect and see what the other's reaction is. This is a good way to find out if a woman is in yours. Usually she will respond with different looks, smiles or other gestures.

9. Try to probe your tastes

Social media has always been a big help when it comes to meeting someone. See what she posts, this will show a lot about your tastes, as well as personal opinions about a lot, so it will be the push that was missing.

10. Dress up!

After a period of courtship we usually relax in appearance. He who never did that, throw the first stone! However, when it comes to flirting, first impression is always very important. Choosing a nice outfit, wearing a nice perfume and putting on a presentable shape will make the person see it as a desire to make a good impression, which will be really cool!

These were some lesbian tips for you to use when flirting with that desired woman. Although many people call for an exchange of nudes right away, there is nothing more pleasant than the stage of conquest, so it is important to rock!


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