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Super curiosities of the pornographic industry

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We recently made the first part of the post showing the biggest curiosities of the porn industry , however, the world of adult entertainment yields many stories and unusual facts to tell.

Thus, we continued to show facts that you will love to know involving your favorite actresses and the porn movies that you have certainly watched.


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The biggest curiosities about the porn industry

16. The most popular porn term in the United States is MILF . This is a word used to define older women who are hot. Usually videos with this acronym, consist of these mature women having sex with young men.

17. Scientists have created pornographic videos to increase sexual desire in pandas. Incredible as this may seem, the experiment worked very well and caused the bears that watched others mating to increase their level of excitement.

18. In Montreal, scholars at the largest local university had to give up research because they did not find a 20-year-old who does not usually see pornography. Professor Simon Louis wanted to study how porn impacts male sexuality , however, they were unable to find volunteers who did not consume this type of material.

19. Porn sites receive more monthly visitors than Netflix, Twitter and Amazon, so you can get a sense of how sites like Pornhub and Xvideos are accessed daily.

20. There are about 42 million ponographic sites on the internet. Regarding the number of pages, this number reaches 370 million.

21. On the porn set, there are employees called “fluffers” who are professionals hired by the studios to excite male participants before each scene. However, the hiring of these professionals has become much smaller today, with the arrival of other resources, such as pills that cause erection, for example.

22. With the invention of cameras, the first cinematographic productions soon appeared, however, the first pornographic film appeared soon after, in the year 1895.

Pornographic curiosities you didn't know


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23. Porn movies are different from erotic movies. While the former focuses on sex more explicitly, the latter can be considered as an art form, focusing on the emotional side of sex.

24. A study in 2011 showed that couples who tend to watch pornography together feel more united and sexually satisfied than those who tend to view this type of content alone.

25. For every three people who visit porn sites, one is a woman. In recent years there has been a significant increase in female participation in the search for pornography. There are even production companies that make exclusive films for the female audience .

26. Jenna Jameson was for many years the richest porn star of all time, however, after getting involved in some complicated issues, she ended up losing a good part of her assets, losing her position to other actresses, like Tori Black and Jesse Jane.

27. Countries where access to pornography is easier and more liberal are those where sexual crimes are less.

All about porn


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28. After the first world war, porn movies were known as “deer movies” and could only be seen at parties where there were only men.

29. A world-famous hotel chain has revealed that 70% of its profit on room service comes from the consumption of pornographic films. However, still on the subject, there is information that 50% of hotel guests request pornographic channels on TVs.

30. Approximately 88% of the most watched porn films, contain some type of violent attitude on the part of the actor, revealing that this type of content is what most pleases most of those who enjoy this type of content.

That was the last part of the biggest curiosities about the porn industry . There are many curiosities that this medium has to reveal to us, however, be sure to check out other news from the pornographic world.


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