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10 curiosities of the clitoris

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Demystifying the clitoris can be very simple, just read the ten facts that we are going to present. In the past, the female body was taboo, little discussed and full of mysteries, however, with the passage of time, and with the space that women have been gaining over the years, female pleasure can be both discussed freely and shared and enjoyed with other people. Follow everything in the following topics.


1. Location is key

At the top of the small lips, at the very top, is the outer part of the clitoris, which may be covered, partially or totally, by delicate skin.

2. Only the top of the iceberg

CLARABOIA: When the mine wants to present the clitoris. Give thanks

This outside is just the beginning of the fun. We are talking about five centimeters outside and another four centimeters inside. There are a lot of vessels and nerve endings.

3. The darling of pleasure

A small percentage of women are able to have an orgasm with penetration, thus, clitoral stimulation has the potential to give one orgasm after another and together with penetration it becomes a sure combination of satisfaction.

4. Appearances

The clitoris: anatomy, size, where it is and female pleasure explained

They have sizes and shapes that vary, just like vaginas and penises are not all the same, enjoy them all without moderation.

5. In the service of pleasure


It is worth remembering that the function of this female part is exclusive of pleasure, in addition, we have the clitoral orgasm, the stimulation combined with penetration facilitates much more.

6. Electrical sensitivity


There are about eight thousand nerve fibers for the waves of pleasure to flow, so the sensitivity is high and it is good to stimulate it very carefully.

7. Expanding the size


When the woman is very excited, the clitoris also increases in size, there is more blood pumping there and even beating like a small heart.

8. Half-minute orgasms


They transit to or from less, however, there are many contractions in this space of time, the contractions reach the uterus, you know?

9. Aging is not an issue


Here we address one of the best features, the vulva skin will age over the years, but the clitoris does not lose the ability to be stimulated, this joy forever.

10. Exercise your muscles

Don't waste time without self-knowledge. The musculature of the vagina is available to be exercised, doing the preventive function in relation to some problems in the area as well as urinary incontinence. Exercises are recommended by experts to strengthen the pelvis and ensure wonderful health, in addition to a lot of knowledge beneficial for sexual life and vaginal health.

Nothing prevents you woman, who is a queen of herself in this boundless adventure that is the stimulus of the clitoris, or you man, who wants to know more about the female body and ensure that the woman is ecstatic, however, look for more information about the matter, the pleasure never ends.


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