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Sugar Daddy: what is it?

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Have you ever asked yourself: sugar daddy, what is it? For now, you will know. Sugar daddy are relationships made up of a much younger, beautiful, attractive woman with an older, mature guy who usually has a lot of money. He then proceeds to pay for it. Pay your bills. It's like an exchange. It provides you with meetings and special moments, as if it were a way of thanking you for what you receive. And this man is called sugar daddy.

They are usually very confident and are fully aware that they are with them not just for the pleasant company. But, they like to play this role, to really be the provider, to pay the bills. Daddy is the guy who really does everything for his sugar baby, gives her riches, knowledge, special moments.


There are also Sal Daddy, who are the hands of a cow. They do the same thing, they pay for it, but they control their spending, they say that certain money should not be spent on some things.

The sugar daddy is really the person who is willing to do for the woman, the one he chose as a companion for several moments. She is not necessarily assumed, because he usually has a woman, however, this is also relative.

They are usually easy to find and exist in quantity. Therefore, they opt for them precisely for this, for the convenience with which they find them.

The idea of ​​the sugar daddy relationship

Many people wonder why sugar daddy relationships happen so often. It's as if they don't even understand sugar daddy: what it is and why it is so common. That is, so many people agree to be part of it.

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In the case of women, it is even understandable, after all, they are gaining from it and it is not usually little. However, in the case of men, things turn out to be quite different. Only not everything needs that much explanation. It is a fact and ready. They pay their bills and it's over. There is no reason to discuss reasons or specificities, if only those who are part of the relationship have this right. You see? Realize?

One of the most important points of the relationship is the honesty it brings, transparency. There is no reason to lie or play games. A sugar baby needs money and asks, says what for and for what reason. Sugar daddy banking and everything is fine. The stress that the routine of a wedding brings, for example, is not the basis for this type of relationship, which is in the lightest. Especially because sugar baby does not have the functions of a wife.

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