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What is libido? Do you know?

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Many people talk about libido, but some are still not sure what it means. Therefore, you will discover now what is libido and all the details about it. Imagine that you are in a certain place and cannot stop imagining you and the other person in bed. Who is speaking out at that moment? The libido .


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It is like your sexual energy.

That instinct that appears out of nowhere, the desire that occurs after you and your partner are provoked with some kisses and caresses. The uncontrollable urge to have sex.

Libido is biological, in case you don't already know. And it is completely related to health. So some people end up worrying when those desires don't happen.

According to science, both men and women can and must have. However, men end up having much more, due to the testosterone levels present in their bodies. But, women do too.

For those who want to increase libido, there are ways to do this. Find out now.

What is libido and how to increase it?

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There are many ways to know about libido and how to increase it. So, you will know some of them right now.

Readings and films that are pornographic or that deal with scientific issues related to libido are an excellent option in the sense of activating sexual desire.

Use your imagination, too. Create unusual sexual moments, with different options than what you are used to or used to. This will make you feel much more interested sexually speaking.

Remembering that, the drop in libido can have several explanations. Some hormonal, others related to psychological or sexual dissatisfaction of you and the person you are related to. There is no way to claim that there is only one explanation. So the first step is to find out what's going on.

If you are taking any medication, it may also be responsible for the drop in libido.

But, work on some issues, such as sexual desire . It is a matter of construction. It will not be achieved out of nowhere. But with a very sensual routine, everything works.

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