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Come out pregnant? Find out now!

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Many doubts are present in relation to having fun while pregnant. After much was said about this possibility, people started to be afraid about it.

Even for the fact that, there are many people who end up having sex without any care, precisely because they trust the idea that, because the man does not do his job inside, nothing will happen.

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Source: Reproduction / Baby Center

But, know that these people are actually counting on luck. Therefore, using a condom and taking contraceptives is more than necessary if your idea is not to have a child soon.

In the middle of the relationship without any care, what can happen is intercourse.

Why the answer to the question: do you get pregnant? Yes it is. The explanation is quite easy. Just because the penis enters the vagina, there are already chances of pregnancy happening. However, calm down, of course the chances are much less. It's not an equal or anything.

If you haven't heard about withdrawal, it's time to understand a little more about it. It's very simple. When the man is almost at the moment of coming and, before that happens, he quickly removes the penis and enjoys it, it is the coitus interrupted process.


Source: Reproduction / Zanzu

There are many people who end up seeing this coitus as a way to prevent pregnancy, but don't do it. Or, you may end up having problems with your plans.

Tips related to cumming pregnant

When you think about getting pregnant or not, there are some tips that can be followed and thus, they end up making everything easier.

Taking what is said into account changes everything. And, little by little, you will realize this. It's not just that you need to get laid every time. Just pay attention to some details.

One of the things that needs to be said is that the fact that menstruation does happen does not necessarily mean that the pregnancy did not happen. Some women find that, just because their cycle is up to date, they don't have that chance, but they do.

As already said, withdrawal is likely to bring about pregnancy. But if it happens to be washed, in a bath or something and then it goes back to the vagina, there are also chances. This is because, the sperm remains may be present and, thus, will be introduced.

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Source: Reproduction / Mynet

In case the woman is pregnant, the chances also exist. On a smaller scale, however, it is not impossible. The ideal, in fact, is that relationships take place without much care at the beginning of the cycles. Thus, the chances, even in relation to coming out pregnant or not, are much lower. Because before and after the menstrual period are always good options.

Finally, it is important to know that, if the penis still contains sperm, remains, which may have been left over and the penetration happened, the risk of becoming pregnant exists.

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