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Footjob: horny / foot fetish

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Ever to foot fetishism: horny / foot fetish was part of one of his fetishes? Well know that if this happened, welcome to the world of this fetish, which many people have.

footjob: horny / foot fetish

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The person may go crazy just to see or even feel the need to touch them. There are also those who love to kiss them or even massage them. But, this hardly happens with your own foot.

It's normal for someone else's hair. Some people think that any attitude related to this is unhygienic, however, it is a fetish and those who have it have their reasons for doing so.

But, now a question comes. The foot fetishism: horny / foot fetish, to be conversed between the couple. That's because, one of them may consider the situation unpleasant. Thus, it is essential that each one has a full sense of what is being done, combined and agree with it. No going out doing it even with the other person feeling uncomfortable.

If you do not necessarily want to talk about the subject, a tip is: do it slowly in person. If she doesn't mind, that's fine. If you complain, stop on time. It is a matter of respect and notion as well. Not everyone can enjoy the practice.

It is clear that if she is already common in the midst of their relationship, some issues such as hygiene in this region, with respect to your partner, will be even more present. A good tip is also to practice in the shower.

How does foot fetishism: lust / foot fetish?

footjob: horny / foot fetish

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For those who have it, the reports are that it is very close to any other fetish for parts of the body, such as the buttocks, for example. To get an idea, even without penetration, some people are able to enjoy just touching this part of the body. It is unbelievable. Of course, there are those people who are more advanced about the fetish. Some even do complete masturbation together with that part of the body.

There are still those who prefer only the toes, others the soles of the feet and so on. So, also who goes crazy with certain socks or specific shoes. Believe me: there are people who are horny even for bad nails, all dirty. It is so relative that there is no way to imagine such scope.

To give you an idea, a study was done in Brazil and it was found that after fifteen hundred men interviewed, with very varied ages, from the youngest to the oldest, both feet and shoes represent the biggest fetishes of Brazilians .

foot fetish

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But, many of them said that sadomasochism fits this fetish, or better, it complements it. What just differs is that just looking, feeling the foot, is enough to attract. For the practice of submission or any other related matter is a consequence.

Because, even if your idea is to know more about BDSM, bodage, domination, submission and masochism , you need to read this content.

However, if your intention is to see some video content about foot fetishism: horny / foot fetish, PornHub is an excellent option or you can also, if you are interested, erotic tales of foot fetishes , and you will have several real stories and fictional found on these sites.


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