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Broxei: what to do?

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Men live in this shadow, the fear of failing during sex and having sex. Many of them make it such a big issue and so deep in their minds that they end up creating blocks that make relaxation even more difficult and ultimately increase the chances of actually happening.


To begin


Broxei: What to do?

First, don't despair. There is no reason to worry that this happens and there are countless explanations that lead men to lose an erection .

If you flirt and don't lose the desire to have sex with her, it's simple: go back to the beginning. Make foreplay on her, abuse oral sex, invest in her pleasure and in the meantime, you can relax and feel stimulated again, so, if you are both calm, you go back to having sex, leaving this episode quiet and not at all embarrassing .

The factors

Why can't I get an erection? Erectile dysfunction causes and treatments

What should be evaluated is in the options of reasons that make a man flirt. If it is a sexual position problem, or some practice that you don't like very much, talk to your partner and draw the line. However, it is legal to deal with the other causes in order to solve the root of the problem.

Anxiety gets in the way, if you were very anxious, it may have caused you to loosen up because the blood supply to the penis has decreased due to the narrowing of blood vessels in the region. Feeling pressured requires you to lower expectations and simply give in to the moment.

Sex is very natural, setting goals in your head and making conceptions that don't depend on you cause frustration, and then your nervousness will make you lose your erection.

Cool your head!

Guide to erectile dysfunction

Stress at work is one of the factors, so if your head doesn't rest properly and your thoughts fly easily to work matters stop and analyze right now. Therapy, professional help alters your quality of life and makes you live longer in the present.

Broxei, should I worry?

In short, when you stop and breathe. Always have a good dialogue with your partner, she will understand and get around it with you. Focus on the lust you feel for her and not the fear of something that will embarrass you. Good sex is much more than that.


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