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What changes the taste of sperm?

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Between us, everyone likes to get a good oral, right? When your partner is one of those who likes to swallowsperm , you want to make sure it tastes natural and is as pleasurable for her as it is for you. Haven't you thought about it before? Let's consider some habits to review what can be changed, so your body will be a healthy machine.

taste of sperm

What changes the taste of sperm?

In this text we are going to address bad habits that prevent your sperm from getting an unpleasant taste, not good for you and it will not be a legal experience to swallow a bad liquid, looking like you don't take care of your own health, you end up giving a very wrong image of yourself.

Contributing factors

What happens to our bodies when we eat fast food?

- Food : eating processed foods, such as fast food and processed foods in general, gives a significant change in your taste, so the more organic and full of nutrients, the more your taste will be light and the consistency will be adequate.

CIGARS cigarette tobacco bokeh smoke smoking cigar drink alcohol drinks glass wallpaper | 2048x1002 | 590867 | WallpaperUP

- Drinks and cigarettes : It is already known the total negative effects that these habits cause on health in general. Now imagine this associated with the fact that alcohol damages your erections and makes you flush because your body is too intoxicated to have sex. Excessive consumption also implies a decrease in the amount of sperm and a low quality of life for the expelled sperm, if you plan to continue your lineage, take these precautions with yourself.

taste of sperm

- Medicines and substances : Caffeine is a substance present in more foods than you think and it makes your sperm taste very bitter. Within this group, teas also contain and can be avoided. High sulfur foods are a trap, run away from them. Aspirin is a medication widely used in headaches and can be a villain, in addition to bitter, it also carries a little caffeine (study the composition of the products you consume).

Pay attention to the tips

Is a Pineapple a Citrus Fruit? | Southern Living

In reality the tips are very simple, the fruit ingestion gives a super differential and makes the taste sweeter. That way many people are adept at consuming pineapple , either eating the fruit or drinking a delicious and chilled juice. This ensures that success is real. Drinking lots of water every day has different benefits, it makes the sperm more "diluted" and even lighter.

Anyway, I already noticed that it is easy to avoid what changes the taste of sperm. Everything is a matter of taking proper care of your health, your body is a temple and should be treated as such. That way, what comes from the inside out will be well tasted.


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