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The ex-gymnast turned porn star

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Being a porn star is not easy as many people think. The lives of these women are surrounded by taboos and difficulties much greater than in other professions, however, an athlete always gives the impression of being someone much more privileged, full of achievements and other advantages. However, when we learn a little about Verona Van de Leur's history, we completely change our concepts.

Verona is a former Dutch gymnast born on December 27, 1985, in a city called Gouda. She started in gymnastics at the age of 5, influenced by her parents, however, she took a liking to the sport and at the age of 9 she started training at an important gym in her country.

National Projection

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In the year 2000 the Dutch National Championship took place, in which she participated for the first time, however, she won three finals in other events of equal importance, until a year later she became the Dutch women's champion, overcoming important athletes from other teams.

2002 seemed to be a year for her. The athlete won several championships, increasing her number of trophies and medals, however, what seemed to be a promising career turned out to be a problem. Over the years Verona started to suffer several injuries, which left her very unmotivated with the sport. In addition, she was experiencing conflicts with the gymnastics federation and her family, which led to her decision to retire from the sport in 2008, to the surprise of many.

Radical change

After leaving his career as a gymnast, Verona found himself in the midst of several problems and one of them was his arrest, which occurred after blackmailing a couple. She served a 72-day sentence and after leaving prison she began to experience many difficulties. In an interview with the American network CNN, she says that she entered a legal battle against her parents, because according to her, when she was her agent, her father withdrew a considerable amount from her account without the proper authorization.

In addition, she reveals that as soon as she got out of jail she returned home only to find that her family changed the locks. This caused her to end up living on the street for a while.

The opportunity to be a porn star

porn star

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Looking for a way to keep up, she saw the opportunity to knock on her door when she started working as a webcam model . At first she appeared alone, however, shortly afterwards she started to do her shows with the presence of her boyfriend.

She says that in 2011 she received such a good proposal that she couldn't refuse. For the former porn star , the money offered would be a great opportunity to get a business of his own. The fact that she could work with her partner also made the girl more comfortable, however, she declared that she would retire from her porn career after the end of her contracts, which is a pity, since many people still saw a lot of potential in the actress. .

Asked if she regretted having done pornography , Verona reveals that she did not, since the situation she found herself in before that was very bad. In addition, she would return to work in the industry if needed, claiming that her time working with adult content was also fun.


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