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Land in Sex: meaning

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When it comes to grounding sex, many people are in doubt about the true meaning of the expression.

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The ground wire, unfortunately, is still seen by many as a taboo, although this is much more common than people can imagine. Regarding the meaning of the expression, it is the woman putting her finger in her partner's anus.

Yes, it is seen as a strange practice precisely because people consider homosexuality to like grounding. But, it doesn't mean anything. They can only have an attraction to it and that's it.

However, yes, most women who claim that their partners have already asked them to do the ground wire, say they found the request super strange. Many even comment that they completely lost their lust at the time, due to the request. Some even said they pretended to be dead when they were asked about it, as if they had not understood the request.

In other situations, the opposite occurs: the woman wants the ground wire in sex and tries, but the partner is strange and makes it clear that she doesn't like the idea. So it is important to understand that it really needs to be a choice of the two. Or things can go a little off the plan.

Land line in sex: more on the topic!

One of the things that needs to be clear in the matter is that the ground wire in sex is not necessarily related to masculinity. But. No. Now, if you are going to do it with your partner, leave it between you. No talking to others and making your partner feel bad about it.

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One of the points that needs more care is the nails of the partner. They should not be overly fulfilled or else the feeling will no longer be pleasant.

Taking advantage of foreplay is also valid, as well as having one with lubricant to make things even better. Certainly after the earth wire in sex, things will get even hotter between you, since it is a very sensitive area for men and it will surely drive you crazy.

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