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Erotic games: which ones do you know?

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Have you ever had experience with erotic games ? Because if the answer is no, know that, it's past time to try and enjoy these options. Yes, in the plural, because there are many.

It's the kind of game that everyone who participates wins. And it is not a little.

erotic games

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So, if you need to get out of the routine, thus heating up the relationship, be sure to follow these possibilities. With this, in addition to getting to know your partner better, you also get to know yourself more. Even making sensations never felt before, arise. It is time to literally let go, without fear of the after.

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And of course, although some possibilities exist, you can let go and enjoy, using your imagination. Without necessarily getting stuck on some issues. But now, enough talking and let's see the possibilities in the midst of erotic games .

One of the options is in the Strip Quiz . In it, it is possible to find out if you and the person with whom you relate, really know each other in the sexual sense. Some questions are related to what is your favorite position in bed, a sex that marked and so on.

Strip Quiz

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And, every time someone makes a mistake, they need to remove a piece of clothing. So, things can get quite hot. Just take care beforehand, when asking questions manually, on paper, to make the game happen. Some of them can leave an atmosphere of jealousy, depending on the answer.

More erotic game options

Erotic dice are another option among erotic games. They are very easy to find, even available in any sex shop. In relation to them, the imagination can roll in many ways, since there are no rules.

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Another very enjoyable practice in the middle of games involves using the cell phone alarm clock . The game works like this: ten minutes are put on the alarm clock and, during that time, all the other person's wishes are done. She cannot repay, only you will. When the alarm goes off, the opposite is done: she does hers. There is no minimum time, it depends on you. Some prefer to put less time on the alarm clock, which is also possible.


Not to mention the most traditional erotic games . Like: fantasizing in bed. Who has never dreamed of a fireman or nurse, right? Only in this case, it is important to understand that, both need to really enjoy, enjoy the moment. Because, it is no use just one of the two people wanting that. Even in the midst of this, another very attractive possibility is the staging of the stories. This gives quite a mood for the moment.

And to conclude, since there are many erotic games , but it would not be possible to talk about all of them, there is the option of the unknown game. In it, the couple agree to pretend they don't know each other and find themselves somewhere. There, the conquest happens as if it were the first time and thus, the whole idea of ​​the first time, happens. Including the cold in the belly.

Now, if you want to know how long a perfect sex is , find out now. Enjoy and more about Sex Games and Innovate in bed.


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