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What changes the taste of sperm? Between us, everyone likes to get a good oral, right? When your partner is one of those who likes to swallow sperm, you want to make sure it tastes natural and is as pleasurable for her as it is for you. Haven't you thought about it before? We will...
Broxei: what to do? Men live in this shadow, the fear of failing during sex and having sex. Many of them make it such a big issue and so deep in their minds that they end up creating blocks that make relaxation even more difficult and ultimately increase the chances of actually happening. For...
10 curiosity of the clitoris The demystification of the clitoris can be very simple, just take a look at the ten facts that we will present. In the past, the female body was taboo, little discussed and full of mysteries, however, over time, and with the space that women have been gaining over the years, the ...
Oral sex in women: How to do it Check here some steps for the success of oral sex in a woman and make her have several orgasms, make sure she goes crazy in bed. Only the intention of wanting to satisfy your partner are several steps above the level of regular sex. The practice is frowned upon ...
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