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Leather fetishes: Curiosities and origin

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The fetish alone involves a multitude of subdivisions, here we are going to talk about the leather fetish, and it has been around for longer than you think. Latex and leather are common fabrics in dominated sex practices, the tactile feel of leather, the smell of latex, are exciting things for a group of people.

Leather fetish: Curiosities and origins

leather fetish

The behavior of connoisseurs appeared around the fifties and had the proposal to break standards, already imposed at the time, of a conservative society. This model of culture was established after the Second World War while the economy was rebuilding, giving personality to the supporters, who at the same time began to frequent new, more modern environments, among them nightclubs.

The power of leather

The smell of leather awakens old memories, a sensation that is not easy to describe, the texture of latex adds to sexual experiences, for many it is a lifestyle. Those who practice this fetishism end up using clothes from these fabrics in their garments, with that plus when the occasion is special, and the excitement comes in various forms, clothes that cover the whole body, including the head, and behave submissively to their dominators. , sensual lingerie in the extreme, with high heels, heavy makeup and accessories like the whip, handcuffs, bandages and maybe some candles to drip a few drops on the partner's body.

leather fetish

However, professionals warn when certain points get out of control, it is necessary to remember that the fetish must be a kind of complement. The fetish will depend on your partner and sexual lifestyle . It is not the only way for you to achieve your pleasure, being limited in a certain way creates difficulties and leaves the area of ​​personal satisfaction, moving to a more psychological approach, indicating conditions to be treated with expert monitoring. Taking the subject to a warmer scope, we will see some items of the practices that we have mentioned so far.

Leather fetish

Sales - These are classic, invest in one that has a nice fabric to the touch. That way it will serve to add more sensations beyond the mystery and a good kind of nervousness. The feeling comes from not knowing what your partner is going to do with you. Visual deprivation touches the tactile senses, transforming each touch into an explosion of adrenaline. The sense of smell is more acute, it is very exciting to feel the perfume and the smell of the body of the person who is there driving you crazy. However, the palate is allied at this time, light berries give an extra lust to the experience.

Clothes - Do the honors at all times, for the most intimate hour anything goes: tight dresses, pants that look like vacuum-packed, jaw-dropping lingerie. However, they do not come alone, accompanied by good accessories create the whole atmosphere.

leather fetish

Accessories - Here it makes room for many aspects, let's address some of them for a general notion. The most famous are leather whips (sales also fall into this category). They are made of this material and have become an important part in the field of domination. It is essential for anyone who likes to be hit, or hit, in sex. Cuffs are lined with leather so that the iron does not hurt your wrist. However, the list of accessories is comprehensive, search further to see if any have a nice idea.

In short, this leather fetish ranges from discreet interest to lifestyle. The reality is that everyone is welcome and has the ability to be characterized to seduce someone and also to satisfy intense desires. The exchange of experience is valid and only benefits sexual intimacy.


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