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All about panties fetish

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Do you have panties fetish ? Know that many men are adepts, although much of them are ashamed to reveal. From foot fetish to bondage , we all get excited about something specific, it's part of our human nature.

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That lust we feel when we hear a slutty to the ear or that fixation by women in heels, all these common things can be considered fetishes.

panties fetish

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The fetish is not a fantasy as many confuse. Fantasies are classified as playing with imagination, putting into practice a momentary desire. The fetish is quite different. They are completely real and, according to psychoanalysis, maintain a connection with memories obtained in childhood.

panties fetish

Source: Reproduction / pornpics.comThe psychoanalysts argue that this has to do with the relationship with the mother and the discovery even in childhood that she does not have a penis, which they call “mother's castration”. The objects or any characteristic he sees when making this discovery, defines what the fetish will be. Still according to psychoanalysts, it is for this reason that most fetishes involve clothes, usually those of the mother, or parts of the body.

Science and fetish

panties fetish

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According to science, the fetish is an act that increases the release of sex hormones, increasing libido . Some areas in our brain, form a connection with intimate areas bringing greater sexual stimulation.

Still according to science, it is possible to discover someone's personality based on her fetishes. Generally, what society considers taboo is what ignites our sexual desires. Performing these fetishes helps release hormones responsible for the feeling of well being.

When these wishes for some reason are not fulfilled, this can cause serious problems for the person involved. Our unconscious uses this as a defense, causing problems with sexual dysfunction or loss of libido. Sexologists still say that they serve many people with sexual problems for lack of acceptance of their desires.

The fetish for panties

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In a recent soap opera, the public got to know the plot of a very manly man on a daily basis, but that at night he liked to wear his wife's panties. Many viewers saw this as something comical, however, a few years ago this type of fetishism was considered a mental illness.

The reality is that panties are a piece of women's clothing that has always caused a huge fascination in men. Knowing this, women began to use increasingly provocative pieces, which would make our grandmothers stand on end. The attraction for panties is rooted in the imagination and the worshipers of this garment can realize their fetish in several ways.

Some enjoy dressing up, even in the workplace, while others like to admire or smell their panties. Science has a good explanation for this specific fetish. What some scientists say, is that the panties used concentrate a large amount of female pheromones and by nature, men are attracted to them.

Panties fetish in Japan

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In the land of Jaspion, the fetish for panties is taken in such a natural way, that a manga character has already been created who wears panties over her face, in fact, this is a fashion in Japan, especially among young men. They usually cover their faces with feminine lingerie and take selfies as naturally as possible. Another very common thing in this country is the panties machines, where buyers put a coin and receive a panties , just as we do with those soft drink machines.

Smelling or wearing panties: A natural fetish

When we talk about fetishes, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, we are part of something perfectly normal. Do you like smelling some panties? Is there a fetish involving these underwear and are you ashamed? Tell us!

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