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I'm gay: now what? How to assume?

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I'm gay: now what? Is this your case? You are gay, but are you terrified of taking over? Do you believe your family would be against you or would you not like it? Don't worry that the time has come to figure out how to take over at once and completely change everything about the prejudice that some people still have. Or that you might think they have.


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Why yes, actually assuming being gay is a difficult situation for many people.

Mainly for the mentioned factor: the fear of what people can think / say. But the first thing to remember is that no one commands your life any more than you can judge the choices of others. Then, it was time to really “come out of the closet”. That is, no more secrets kept.

In the case of those who want to take over their parents, yes, things complicate a little more. Because, unlike what was said about not caring what people think, they are your parents, so there is no way not to do that. The concern and wanting their approval is normal.

The first step towards being gay: and now, as well as wanting to take over, is to see if there is an opening with them regarding the subject. Even if it doesn't seem like it, many parents already know about their children's sexual options. They just never commented, because they didn't speak either. And, wait for it to be talked about.

I'm gay: now what? What should be done?

I'm gay: now what?

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If you notice this opening, talk to them. If you find that they prefer not to talk about it, you will have to decide whether to talk anyway or let it go. Only you know your family and you can decide.

But in no way, be unhappy, regardless of what you decide. Many people suffer from never being able to open up. They keep it to themselves and it does a damned bad thing, until a time comes when they feel unhappy about it.

Another relevant point about I am gay: and now, it involves not following others. Do things in your time and the way you planned.

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